Sunday Is For Football!!

I am a lucky grandma….For the next two months Sunday Papa and I will be 100% devoted to football and I’ll be at every game, in the stands without fail.  No, it’s not the Detroit Lions, I wouldn’t give them that much time or energy or money.

The team that has caught my heart this fall is Joshua’s flag football team, the Green Bay Packers.  Papa and I will be sitting in the bleachers watching our little Joshua out on the field cheering for him and team mates.

Yesterday was our first game….the sun was shinning and the skies were blue, perfect football weather.

The fall season brought new uniforms and a new team name….The Green Bay Packers.

It was a great afternoon and an exciting game…..we won 26 to 14!  The first play of the game included our first touch down of the game!!

We started with the Coach giving the team a little pep talk……..

The Ref’s instructions……

Just a few highlights of the game….of course Josh is in all of them and I have atleast 35 downloaded on my computer……..I’m just going to share a few.  Can’t wait for next week’s game!!


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