Grandma’s Emotional Moment

These are the times when I am glad that I am home alone in the afternoon.  I just received great news from Nikki, she and lil E just left their interview for pre-school…..Eric has been accepted into the “Great Start Readiness” program for 2012/2013 school year.

After I told them how happy and excited I was, I burst into tears.  Yes, I did and not little sniffles…tears, big, run down your cheek tears.  Good grief grandma get a grip!!



Nikki will attend parent orientation tomorrow (Thursday) and next week the teacher will come to their house for a one on one visit so Eric knows who she is when classes start October 1.  I have never heard of that done before….I’m a little impressed with how their school system is handling this.

Eric has wanted to go to school since he was three so he is pretty excited about it.  After they left the interview Lil E and Nikki went over to the school to register him….he is now officially a student.  Not sure if Eric will attend morning or afternoon class, that is something Nikki will find out tomorrow, but we do already know that he will go Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

I do know why I cried, Eric is my last grandbaby…..the baby.  I am not sure there will be any more that follow him.  Eric is also the one who has been the least exposed to other kids.  He sees Josh and Kaylee regularly and sees his cousins from his daddy’s side of the family quite often.  But until recently, when Nikki started to arrange playdates for him with the children of people she knows through work, Eric’s contact with other little kids has been very, very limited.

My little Kaylee starts preschool in a few weeks as well, she is 8 months older than Eric.  Two days after Kaylee was born Nikki took one of those early home pregnancy test and it was positive….we were all shocked since Nikki never even mentioned that they had been trying!  Baby’s are a blessing and a gift….we love them.



My worry for Kaylee is more from a concern about her being away from her momma for a few hours without being able to leave when she wants to like she does when she is with us.  Kaylee is very attached to Cindy, so I worry about separation anxiety.  On a positive note for Kaylee, the teacher is a personal friend of Cindy’s who also just happens to be the mom of one of Joshua’s best friends.  Kaylee is already familiar with her teacher which will help a lot.   Kaylee is going to surprise us all and not miss any of us!

Kaylee and Josh have grown up around and with kids of all ages and backgrounds.  Their mom and their other grandma (Mio), own and manage a very good size day care.  Kaylee and Josh have been exposed to many, many children since they were born, they understand interaction with other kids a little bit more unlike my lil E.

Joshua, my Joshie, the first grandchild… an official third grader.  How is that possible, I still remember the day Joshua was born just like it was yesterday.



I looked at Joshua’s first day of school picture and cannot believe how big he is getting.  It is still nice that Josh will climb up on my lap and snuggle when we are looking up things on the computer or he’ll snuggle up close to me when we’re on the couch watching a movie.  I am not looking forward to the day when he thinks he is too big to snuggle with grandma, it’s coming, probably sooner than later.  I am not ready for this change either.  Joshua taught Papa and me how to be a Papa and Grandma, he paved the way for Kaylee and Eric.  Thank goodness I still have a few more years of snuggling to look forward too with Kaylee and Eric.

The 2012/2013 school year has begun and now, all three of my babies are “students.”   They are heading out into this great big world without us as they start their exciting journey, interacting and meeting new people who are going to help us shape them into the people they are going to be in the future.

Grandma will get a grip on it eventually today……I just need a little time to absorb the changes.

I don’t have a recipe for you today but I did get my meal planner for the next week figured out and picked up everything when I went grocery shopping today.  I should have 4 or 5 new recipes to post over the next week.  Yahoo!!  it’s been a while I know.  Tonight I am making a new chicken recipe with mushrooms, onions, bacon and an apple (yes, an apple) along with a few other things…..I will post it for you tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Grandma’s Emotional Moment

  1. Here’s my take on motherhood, which of course includes grandmotherhood. It’s the subject of a blog post I’m working on and it involves something I figured out about it all. I was holding and rocking one of my little ones one day and I realized these were the only moments I felt my little one was safe. The inner conflict was gone. They were safe in mother’s arms. When you become a mother you begin the journey of perpetual inward conflict that never ends this side of heaven. It continues through all stages of mothering. And the conflict is this: You never feel your children are safe unless they are in your arms. And if they are not in your arms, you wring your hands. We must grasp hold and live with this conflict for it never seems to go away. My arms yearn to hold them close but I must release them. And it’s oh so hard. Then begins the battle to stop wringing the hands and live with it all. My mom did this. My grandma did this. I know we worried them silly. But we made it. But mother’s arms are always ready and waiting, even when they get too big to cuddle. It’s a high calling, this mothering thing! Good luck with it all.

    • Hi Alexandria, thanks for sharing your thoughts. You “hit the nail on the head” as they say, it is exactly those moments when they are with me or home that I feel they are safe. This crazy world we live is partially to blame for our need to hang on and keep them safe. For me it’s also a kind of “empty nest” feeling. Our grandchildren spend so much time with us, this new journey into school life and more structure will end those last minute, sporatic sleepovers and outings. I know that I’ll be included in this new journey they are on….I am blessed, I know I’ll be invited to tag along.

      • I’m sure there will always be an invitation. I once heard a speaker say there are two kinds of grandmothers, busy, tired grandmothers or lonely grandmothers. The first is when they live nearby (you inherit more children!). The latter is if they live far away. I would rather be the busy, tired. It’s a good kind of tired, though, isn’t it?

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