Drifting Into Fall

Let’s face it, even though “Fall” does not officially begin until September 22, 2012 at approximately 10:49 EST,  for many “Fall” begins with the first day of school or September 1.  I fall (no pun intended) in to the September 1 category.

There have been little subtle hints that fall is approaching, the most noticeable is night fall.  In June the lights on timers didn’t click on until around 9:30 p.m., now, the last week or so I’ve noticed that by 8:00 p.m. the lights need to be on…timers have been reset.  I guess I really didn’t notice the changes sooner because I am usually on the patio and not in the house, so I didn’t notice that although it was still light outside, shadows and darkness were taking over inside.

Soon, when the breeze is drifting just right, I will be able to hear the faint sounds of fans cheering and announcers bantering from the local high school’s football field.  Friday nights our local Coney Island, Taco Bell and McDonald’s will be filled with high school kids gathering after a game or school event.

Saturday’s will bring college football, our TV will be tuned in to University of Michigan as well as Notre Dame football games.  It’s always an interesting day at our house when the two play each other.  Funny that this year the Wolverines meet the Fighting Irish on September 22….the first day of fall.  Of course I will also keep track of CMU’s Chippewas….

Slowly, progressively, my flowers will turn and the garden will stop producing its daily bounty.  Leaves will begin to change from green to yellow, orange and red before they begin to drift to the ground.  As the days go by we are already noticing that our butterfly friends visit us less and less.

Days will still be pleasantly warm, early mornings and evenings will bring a comfortable chill in the air.  The air conditioner will run less, the windows will be opened more often.  Jeans will start to replace shorts, sweaters and light jackets will cover t-shirts and tank tops as early evening rolls into dusk.  Tennis shoes and short boots will replace sandals and flip-flops.

Mums will begin to appear, replacing Impatiens and Petunia’s in planters on front porches.  Sunflower, sea shell, red, white and blue door wreaths will soon be replaced with wreaths made of fall leaves, straw men and pumpkins.  The sound of lawn mowers and the scent of fresh-cut grass will start to fade it will be replaced by rakes, leaf blowers and the scent of smoky wood will soon fill the night air.

And so it will begin….unnoticed at first, you’ll wonder how you missed the early signs.  The progression will be gradual, quiet, as we slowly drift into fall.


2 thoughts on “Drifting Into Fall

  1. You are going into fall and we are going into Spring.
    A few weeks ago I was driving to work in the dark but now the sun is a little way up…days are getting longer…but it is still cold and wet…with all this rain our spring flowers should flourish.

  2. Absolutely beautiful picture..makes me want to go find a place down by the river and sit for a while. Here in Texas I don’t expect fall until December LOL but we take what we can get.

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