Terrific Tuesday With Eric

I had a great day Tuesday, I spent it with Nikki and little Eric.  It’s always an adventure with my little guy.  Eric did not know that I was coming over, we decided to keep it a secret and surprise him.  When I drove up into the driveway Eric and Nikki were sitting on the porch, the look on his face was priceless, he wasn’t sure it was me!

I pulled in the driveway, turned off the car and when I opened the door my little man came flying down the stairs and into my arms.  “Grandma what are you doing here?”  “Did you come to see me?”  I squeezed my little guy and told him that was exactly why I was there.

We went into the house and while his momma got ready Eric and I talked about where we wanted to go for lunch.  I suggested Senate Coney Island, they make the best chili cheese fries and the best, messiest, greasy, chili cheeseburger.  It has been ages since I have eaten one.  Senate is usually one of Eric’s favorite places….he surprised me when he said he didn’t want to go there.  A flat-out “NO.”

When I asked Eric where he wanted to go he said that he wanted to go to that drive through place that I took him to before.  When I asked him if it was Burger King he said “No.”  McDonald’s?  “No.”  Where?  “That place where I talked to that lady grandma.”  Then it hit me………..White Castle???  “Eric, you really want to go to White Castle??”  “Yea grandma, I like those chicken rings.”

UGH….what possed me to take Lil E to White Castle a few weeks ago??  It was a Friday and it just sounded better than McDonald’s or Burger King.  NOW…he likes it and wants it.  White Castle is not one of those places you want to have lunch at and the spend the day running around.  You know what I mean??  I finally talked Eric into Senate and we all had a great lunch.  It wasn’t easy, it was a tough sell and White Castle is still in my future.

After lunch we went to Meijer to pick up a few things.  Eric is quit the little shopper.  He was so cute when I tried to put Oreo’s in the basket and he said “Grandma, Oreo’s are not on the list.”  He is a big helper,  he will pick out what he likes and helps put things in the basket.  He does not make a scene or try to put things in the basket on his own.  He and Nikki have a great little system…..it was interesting to observe.

On our way out we had to ride the penny pony.  Amazing, this is probably the last of anything that still costs a penny.  Momma went to the car and Eric and I, well Eric… I watched, rode the pony.  We also had to check out the kiddie one arm bandits….you know, those little machines that are filled with junk that the kids just have to play, they cost a quarter or fifty cents and you get junk, rubber aliens, stickers…..Eric picked a candy one for a quarter, once purchased he was happy with that and never used his second quarter.

Once home our little man helped grandma unload the car and helped his momma put away all their groceries.  Then it was time to play.

We made wishes on seeded dandelions,

Making Wishes With Momma

Watched as Eric completed his jeep derby

Eric’s Jeep Derby

We even managed to get in a basketball game…..

Awesome Basketball Game
Through the hoop!!!!

It was a terrific Tuesday with Eric!  We’re going to do it again soon!!

Yesterday was also Cherry Turnover Day.  I got a little creative with my Pampered Chef Cut and Seal (I love Pampered Chef), some Pillsbury pie crusts, a can of cherries and an opened bag of chocolate chips.    I had the pie crusts in the freezer for “just in case I need something quick,” the cherries on hand for a cheese cake I made and never put them on top of and of course chocolate chips (always have on hand) opened from making chocolate chip pancakes on Sunday mornings for my little guys.

These little “turnovers” are really quick and easy and pretty tasty too!!

Here is what I did…..

Nancy’s Cherry Chocolate Turnovers

What You’ll Need:

1 can (21 oz)     Cherry Pie Filling Crust

1 box                   Ready made pie crust

Chocolate chips

Egg Wash (1 egg – splash of water whisked)


Roll out the ready-made pie crust

Using the cut and seal (or a large glass) make circles in the pie crust

Fill the bottom with cherry mixture and add some chocolate chips

Cover with another circle and pinch closed

Place on cookie sheet sprayed with PAM

Make slits in top crust and brush with egg-wash

Bake 425* for 15 -20 minutes

Cool on wire rack


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