Letting Go

Letting Go

I know it’s hard to let go

but isn’t it even harder to hold on?

I wish that I could help you see

what life and age

has already shared with me

This is not the end of the world

I know right now it doesn’t feel that way

But I promise

in time

you will be happier and stronger

You will find the girl you used to be

The girl who laughed

and felt good about herself

The girl with a village full of friends

Love is not about keeping score

It is not cruel or intimidating

It’s not manipulative or controlling

Love isn’t supposed to hurt

Right now

you are not ready to see

that he has mastered the art

of what love is not

True love is beautiful

Love is kind and caring

Love is hard work

It’s about making a commitment

and respecting the one you love

It’s about truth, trust and honesty

And yes,

from time to time

It is about compromise

I know you’re hurt

You’re afraid and confused

But I promise

it will get better in time

but first

you have to start

by letting him go


***This poem was written by and is the property of N. Rezich***



7 thoughts on “Letting Go

    • HI Granny, She will, she is…..the heart’s relationship with love is very complex. She is a strong person who has had the wind knocked out of her sails, she’ll find her way….she just has to get her bearings. She is surrounded by family who love her.

      • I know Nancy…I think women put so much into a relationship that it makes it harder to give up on them. Once she learns how to she won’t look back. She is very lucky to have so much support…I sure didn’t.

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