Beautifully Perfect Sunday

Yesterday was a beautifully perfect Sunday.  The weather was bright and sunny, the temperatures right around 90 degrees….and although I missed the smiling faces of each of my little grandbabies, Walt and I had an amazing day together, just the two of us.

First Walt let me sleep in until almost 10:30 a.m., that is not me at all!  I guess it didn’t help that I had someone and something on my mind that kept me awake until 3:00 a.m. and Walt decided that he just wasn’t going to wake me up until I was ready or if the one who was weighing heavily on my mind called or needed me.  When I finally woke up and said “WoW, why did you let me sleep so late?”  Walt’s first words were, “You getting sick over this is not going to put you in a position to help anyone.”  He’s right, I know he is.

Together we made breakfast, patty sausages (it’s usually links because that’s what the grandbabies like), scrambled eggs with fresh from our own garden chopped green peppers, chopped onion and cheddar cheese (to replace chocolate chip pancakes), fried potatoes with onions and a big glass of orange juice!  It was delicious!!  After breakfast Walt sent me off to shower while he cleaned up the kitchen and checked on the garden.

Perfect Sunday Breakfast

Papa and Grandma
Perfect Sunday Breakfast

Once dressed we headed out to the mall for the afternoon, Walt needed new tennis shoes and I needed to take my wedding and engagement rings in to get sized now that my finger is back to a normal shape.  We also needed to do a little shopping, well not me, but Walt needed to do some shopping.  I just wanted to browse.

I hate shopping, I like to browse,  browsing is not really shopping.  Here is the difference, I like to walk around leisurely and look at things, hold them, touch them, maybe buy something.  I hate shopping where you are actually on a mission for something you have to purchase whether it’s for yourself or someone else.  I hate trying anything on, shoes, clothing, anything.  It is frustrating to me….take off, put on, check…No, this won’t do.  Take off, put on, check…nope don’t like this either.  To big, too small, not the right color or length… drives me crazy!

Shoe shopping with Walt is quite the experience.  In fact…any time shopping with Walt is, what is/are the word or words that I’m looking for……an adventure, entertaining, somewhat frustrating, comical??  It’s actually all of those things.

I’m sorry fellow female population, but I have to say it.  Shopping with Walt is worse than shopping with a woman, there it’s out, in black and white, documented for everyone to see.  But it’s funny, it cracks me up to the point where I laugh so hard I cry.  Today did not disappoint.

As we work our way through the food court, yes the food court because for some reason Walt thinks it’s centrally located even though it is right next to Sears which is at the end of the building, it doesn’t come close to being in the center of the mall.  Anyway that is the way we always come into the mall and today our first destination is supposed to be Sears.  Sears is where Walt always buys his tennis shoes, I don’t know why.

As we exited the food court Walt stopped dead in his tracks, I ran into the back of him, not knowing that we were stopping let alone why.  It was like a scene out of Toy Story 3 where the toys go to the daycare and are amazed at all the toys that there….that “WOW” factor, mouths open…head swiveling to see so many toys.  Walt was stopped in his tracks, WoW factor full force, as his eyes fell upon a new shoe store that recently opened directly across from the food court, it was the length of 4 or 5 other little stores that used to be in its place; “Shoe Department Encore.”

Walt:  Maybe we should try over there after Sears.

Me:  Why after, look at all those shoes, let’s see if they have what you want.

I have no idea what made me think that this huge store was going to make shoe shopping easier and quicker.  We were there for two hours….yes, two hours.  And it’s not like Walt buys any specialty or fancy tennis shoe.  He buys a simple white tennis shoe size 9.5 W, his preference is Reebok, he will settle for Nike.  Bam….how hard could it be??  You have no idea, he tried on 8 different pair, not once, not twice, but three times.  Sometimes he had one shoe on one foot, another size, style or brand on the other walking around the store, checking them out, comparing.

At first I stayed with Walt, even tried to help.  I stayed for all of about 15 minutes until I realized we were entertainment for young couples.  Keep in mind this conversation is not in angry or frustrated tones, it’s just a normal conversation;

Me:  What’s wrong with those?

Walt;  I don’t know the arch feels kind of funny

Me:  Well try on a different brand, the Nike’s are right over there.

*Walt starts to get up to walk over to the Nike’s leaving his reading glasses on a stack of shoe boxes.

Me: Hey, are you going to leave these here? (point to reading glasses)

(From the corner of my eye I can see someone standing behind us but I don’t give it another thought)

Walt:  What?

Me:  Your reading glasses are you just going to leave them here?

Walt:  Why are you rushing me?

Me:  (laughing) I’m not rushing you, I am just asking if you are going to leave the glasses here and then forget where you left them.

Walt:  I am not going to forget them I need them to read the boxes, (hooks them to his shirt)

Me:  Really?  You won’t forget?  Can I remind you about the Meijer grocery cart two weeks ago?  We got all the way home and you had to go all the way back, luckily the cart with your glasses in the little side basket was still in the cart coral.  And what about the time you left them at the restaurant and we had to go back?

**At exactly the second I finish my sentence my cell phone started to ring…..I pulled it out of my purse…Caller ID ….. “WALT”

Walt:  Who is that?

Me:  You.  Why are you are calling me? (laughing)

Walt:  (looks up at me – confused) What are you talking about?

Me (show him my phone still ringing..) See you’re calling me

Walt:  See this is what I mean I have too much crap to carry (Stands up takes phone out of his pocket)

Me: (Taking his phone) Give me this (slip it into my purse), and don’t forget your glasses I don’t want to have to try to remember where you left them

***Turn to my right….young couple chuckling and watching, they turn away****

It was then that I decided to sit on the nice comfy chairs the store had set up in front of a huge flat screen TV and watch the coverage of the storms hitting Florida while Walt wandered around the tennis shoe aisles. Walt purchased his shoes, found me watching the TV and is a happy man, that’s all I want and can hope for.   An hour and 15 minutes later, we left the store with nice new tennis shoes for Walt.  Total time: 2 hours.

Perfect Day
2 Hour Tennis Shoes

We walked over to the jewelry store and had my fingers sized….the knuckle and the arthritis are going to be a problem.  The ring needs to be bigger to get over the knuckle but then once over the knuckle it’s too big and needs to be smaller.  They want to attach a “butterfly” but no one knows the cost so they will call me tomorrow.  In the meantime I left it for them to resize so that I can have my ring back, I miss it, I haven’t been able to wear it in months waiting for my finger to reshape itself.  Plus I’m mad as a hornet about the arthritis, I am not a knuckle cracker, how did this happen to me?After we leave the jewelry store I am on a mission to find the Smoothie Shop, where did the move it to??

Walt:  You really want a credit card smoothie? (He thinks they are over priced in the mall)

Me:  Yes, I do

Walt:  I don’t think the shop is here anymore, who can afford a credit card smoothie now a days?  They probably went out of business.

Me: Hey, I want one

Walt: Ok (looks at directory…) Sorry sweetie it’s gone

Me:  Ok, so stop by McDonald’s on the way home later I’ll take one of theirs

Walt: Look at this (points to directory “BOOKS”)

Me:  What?

Walt:  There are no book stores left in the mall

Me:  I know, once Borders left no one else came in

Walt:  That’s sad

Me: Let’s go across the street to Barnes and Noble

Walt:  Sounds good

We spent over an hour and a half in Barnes and Noble….looking at books, finding hardback covered books we loved, some hardback series books we’d like to own.  We looked at classics, perused the recently released best sellers, flipped through cooking books, checked out books we think we might go back and get for the grandbabies.  The one thing Walt never brought up was the Kindle, I really thought he would.  I think Walt finally sees that sometimes progress and/or technology isn’t what you really need.

In the car on the way home….talking about a future outing for jeans and t-shirts.

Walt:  It’s hell getting old (very serious)

Me:  What do you mean?

Walt:  Everything changes, all this time I thought I was a 34 waist and 36 inch length and now I’m a 36″ waist and a 34″ length, I’m shrinking and expanding.

Me:  (Literally burst out laughing….I laughed so hard I cried, could barely speak)  Sweetie, you were never a 34 waist, do you remember when we went for your tux measurement for our wedding and the lady said “Let me guess, you think you’re a 34 waist don’t you?”  You were the only one who thought otherwise.

Walt: (Laughing hard) Hey, those 36’s were too big, she had to give me suspenders to hold them up.

Me:  (Laughing) She gave you suspenders because they went with the tux, not because the pants didn’t fit right.

Walt: (Laughing hard)….You better stop or I’m gonna stop the car and make you walk “Sally” (this is the pet name Walt calls me, it’s from “When Harry Met Sally” she and I order food the same way).

Me: Kind of goes hand in hand with the medium t-shirts you always thought I shrunk…those XLarge are fitting mighty nice these days aren’t they?

Walt: (Laughing)  Yep, that’s what I’m saying, I’m getting older, I’m shrinking and expanding…I don’t when that happened.

We had a great laughs all day but then we usually always do.

We finished our day with dinner at Theo’s followed up by quiet time on our patio; Walt reading his new book while I worked on a little poetry.

Oh, and I did get my strawberry banana smoothie…….it may have come from McDonald’s but Walt remembered just the same.

I loved my beautifully perfect Sunday with my sweet husband.


4 thoughts on “Beautifully Perfect Sunday

  1. Glad your day with Walt was a good one. Congratulations on finding just the right tennis shoe. All those worries float away when we are with our loved ones. Blessings to you and Walt. 🙂

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