How I Lost My Best Friend To A Younger Man

Friday (yesterday) was Walt’s last vacation day until after the 1st of the year (when you’re in logistics days get blacked out beginning with Thanksgiving…all hands on deck or in this instance in the hub).  Walt does have Halloween off but I don’t count that as a “ME DAY,” that day is strictly for the little people, Josh, Kaylee and Eric, it’s a day devoted to grandbabies, trick or treating and pizza.

Anyway…..Walt and I had a full day planned, just us, some running around, maybe an early matinée, lunch.  In the evening we were going have dinner on the patio, rib eyes and a few bottles of wine, our guest my best friend Tina.  Tina was coming to town for the weekend and although we speak at least once a week on the phone, it’s been months since we’ve seen each other.  I’ve been out of sorts the last couple of weeks so Tina figured it was time to for her to get me back on track.  Tina says things to me that I generally don’t take too well from anyone else, she’s the one who can hold up the mirror and make you look and see what’s really there.

My Best Friend

Thursday morning brought some changes, Nikki asked if we could take Eric over night on Friday because her usual sitter couldn’t do it.  Of course was hard to say no, so we changed our plans.  How could you say no to Eric, the little guy with that cute little face, infectious giggle and unique personality!

So….Walt and I changed our plans slightly, our running around and movie turned into grocery shopping so we could have all of Eric’s favorites on hand when he came over.  Instead of home-made salsa and chips for an appetizer, we had a fruit tray full of watermelon, red grapes and strawberries (Eric’s favorite things).  Steaks turned into hot dogs, baked potatoes to chips and cheeto’s.  Our decadent dessert became ice cream from the ice cream truck (Tina’s idea and treat!)

It couldn’t have been a more perfect evening.  Although Eric has seen Tina before, he was younger and doesn’t remember her, although he said he did, I don’t thinks so.  Tina and Eric were instantly taken with each other, Papa and I made the introductions and were quickly forgotten…a new friendship was forged and I lost by best friend to a younger man……That’s ok though, cause my little man had a blast!!

Eric and Tina, got along really well.  Eric convinced Tina to bring out a box of beach toys which were returned to the garage as quickly as it left it….nice try little man.  They cut grass and weed whacked, they raked branches and leaves.  I was instructed to sit down and relax by both Eric and Tina while they played baseball, raced around the yard and timed each other on a stop watch.  They even played an interesting game of lawn darts.

When it was time for dinner Eric insisted that he sit between Tina and me.  Eric ate the whole hot dog for Tina, the same one he wouldn’t eat for me.  Then they sat together on the front porch to wait for the ice cream truck and once purchased they sat on the patio and chatted about how good their ice cream was.  They were in their own little ice cream world.

Eric and Tina
Joking around

Team Work
Clean up – Clean Up Everybody Clean Up

Looking at pictures of Peanut
Eric thinks Peanut should come next time

Sharing stories and laughs
A Friendship Has Blossomed

It was a fun relaxing evening, by 9:00 p.m. Eric was ready for bed, Tina wore that little boy out.  The funny part was when he told her she had to leave because it was bed time.  Like the little gentleman he is, Eric walked Tina to the car to say good night.

When Eric was all settled in his bed, his eyes barely able to stay open any longer, he whispered, “Grandma, Tina is my new bestest friend, will you ask her to come back the next time I sleep over?”  Before I could answer, he was fast asleep.

It was the perfect way to spend a gorgeous Friday night…………..absolutely PRICELESS.


3 thoughts on “How I Lost My Best Friend To A Younger Man

    • Hi Margaret, thanks for stopping by!! It was a perfect evening especailly with the grandchildren growing up so quickly. It seems like only yesterday that Eric, the baby of the grandchildren, was born and not the actual 4 years that it has been. Eric is still talking about his new friend Tina.

  1. I had a blast and we will have to do that again soon!! We didn’t get to see magic mike together at the theater so maybe we can rent it and watch it.

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