10 Week Countdown Begins!!

Last night I sat in the backyard with Walt while he grilled Polish sausages for dinner.  With temperatures hanging onto 63 degrees, I happened to mentioned to Walt that you can feel the season beginning to change.  This is the beginning of my slow slip into the fall/winter blues and Walt’s efforts to make the transition from summer to fall as smooth as possible for me.

I can deal with fall much better than I do winter, at least in the fall there are still some pretty warm afternoons sometimes nice enough to spend time on the patio reading,  just hanging out having a glass of wine or even dinner.  Then of course we do have the Michigan color change to look forward to and Halloween, we are big on Halloween at our house.  Josh, his daddy and Papa Walt turn our front lawn into a mini graveyard, every year we add something new.  Lil E comes here to trick or treat, Josh and Kaylee come by with their momma and they trick or treat with Eric for a little bit to houses on our block.

Walt’s annual effort to make the transition smoother has begun.  Walt told me last night that I have 10 weeks left before he starts to tear down the yard and patio for the winter.  10 weeks……sounds like a lot of time, it is a lot of time, but when you’re heading toward an ending you know that this time is going to fly by quickly.  The weekend after Halloween everything will be covered up, put up and hidden away until spring 2013.

Knowing this time frame is upon me I’ll be planning a more bbq’s with family before the summer ends and a few more into early fall.  We’ll spend some time prepping the flower gardens for winter and preparing to expand the veggie garden for next year (yes, I gave Papa and Joshie another 10 feet).

I am always amazed by this internal body clock that starts the fall countdown before I am ready!  I realize that it’s not really doing it on its own; the somewhat chillier temperatures at night and the fact that I have to turn the livingroom light on earlier are like little alarms that go off which trigger my internal clock to begin the countdown.

With that in mind, yesterday was Polish night, I planned grilled Polish sausages and sauerkraut for dinner.  It’s funny whenever I make the Italian sausages or the Polish, Walt always says “Don’t make a side dish, we don’t need one.”  At first I thought it was odd, I felt we needed something to go along with them.  I’m sure the real reason behind Walt’s “no side dish” request is the fact the he eats two and feels less guilty about it, he’s been know to have three but not often.

I’ve come to realize that Walt is right though, the sausages on a bun or in a tortilla are filling enough on their own.  It’s like carnival food, they don’t serve you a side dish when you buy a sausage from the vendor.  You walk around the carnival enjoying the sausage heaped with peppers and onions or sauerkraut without anything but a soda to go with it, so that’s what we do now too.  It works out perfectly!

Today I will leave you with my sauerkraut recipe.  We like a sweet sauerkraut so I add brown sugar to mine, I’ll be honest it’s not a little.  Like with any recipe that I throw together from my head, I just add things without thinking about measuring anything.  Last night I made sure I was a little more aware of what I was using and doing as I put it all together.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!

This sauerkraut recipe is quick and easy….4 ingredients and about 20-30 minutes cooking time.

Nancy’s Sweet Sauerkraut
Photo Taken By and Property of N. Rezich

Nancy’s Sweet Sauerkraut

What You’ll Need:

1 16 oz Jar/Can Sauerkraut

1 Medium Onion – cut in half and sliced

3-4 tbsp. brown sugar

4 tbsp. butter


Drain sauerkraut in collinder and rinse with cold water

Melt butter in pan

Saute onion in butter

Add sauerkruat and mix with onions

Add brown sugar gradually- taste to desired sweetness

Cook 20-30 minutes until moisture is absorbed.



Nancy’s Sweet Sauerkraut
Photo Taken By and Property of N. Rezich


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