Warning: Read Before Entering

Are you on Facebook?  If you are I have a few questions that I always wonder about.

  1. Do you really know all of the people on your Facebook “Friend List” or are they friends of friends that you just added?
  2. Are all of your Facebook friends real people or they the imaginary friends that you or even your real friends created for games?
  3. Did you create a Facebook page for your pet?
  4. Are you Facebook friends with anyone’s pet?

Until recently I am/was guilty of 1, 2 and 4.  We don’t have a pet so page creation was not necessary.

I admit that I do have a few people on my Facebook friends list that I don’t know personally, they are friends of my children or parents of their friends.  And yes…GUILTY…I have “friended” my friends imaginary friends and their pets.

I am sure we are not the only people who have done this and I willing admit that the reason we all “friended” one another was to increase our neighbor base for games like Cafe World, Cityville and Castleville.  All games that I got bored with quickly and no longer play.

Recently, in an effort to simplify my life I deleted the pets and imaginary friends.  My “Friends” list now stands at 36, living, breathing, real people.

One of the friends on my list is the mother of one of Nikki’s friends, her name is Mary.  I have never met Mary but I know that she is Jeff’s mom.  Mary, like me, is a mother, grandmother, gardener, amature photographer, lover of life and nature.  She is also very dedicated to her family and friends like I am.  Although we are no longer playing Cafe World together we are still Facebook “friends.”  I love seeing Mary’s posts which are usually of her family, especially her grandchildren or photo’s of nature that she’s captured in her yard or on her property.  From time to time I may comment on something that Mary posts and she on mine, but not too often.

So imagine my horror yesterday when I discovered that I posted a comment on Mary’s posting that was intended, as sarcasm and a joke, for something that my brother Greg posted.

Greg can go days without posting anything on Facebook and then there are days when you think Greg is your only Facebook friend because every entry on the screen is something from him.  A link to an old song….where he’s checking into on some GPS thing…anything and everything on Ford Motor Company…..a news article…a joke…you name it, on some days if it catches Greg’s attention it’ll probably end up on Facebook.

Yesterday Greg was having that kind of day.  After about 20 posts in a row, his last one started with “Woot Woot” and something about “Grim” returning.  So….trying to be funny and sarcastic, after reading through Greg’s 20 other posts on this one I wrote….”Are you drunk or just bored?”  It was meant to be funny, Greg is not really a drinker.  This is a man who will go on a pub crawl and have one beer at every third stop.

So I throw caution to the wind, put my best “smarty pants” on and type  “Are you drunk or just bored?” with a chuckle and a sassy grin I hit enter, never looking back, never reading it again.  Happily waiting Greg’s response which I am sure will funny, I switched back to the Word Press page for a few minutes to work one of my entries. A little while later I noticed the Facebook icon at the top of the screen indicated that  I had 2 responses so I switched back to Facebook, positive one of the responses would be from Greg.

WRONG!!!!  Imagine my horror when I saw that I had not typed that comment in Greg’s post, I had in fact entered it into the post above it which was Mary’s …… she posted a riddle about a lobster and a crab!!  My mouth dropped open, out loud I said, “Oh my God Rezich, what did you do?!!”

If there were a hidden camera in my living room the scene that immediately played out would have been right out of a Roadrunner cartoon with me being Wile E Coyote.  I could not get the post to delete, every time I hit the Edit/Delete icon it wouldn’t let me delete it, the box kept collapsing.  It took four tries before I was finally able to  delete it.  I was horrified!!!

I do no know this sweet lady personally yet I post “Are you drunk or just bored?” on her post for all her friends and family to see!!  At least it was on a riddle and not on some sad story or a picture of her beautiful family, but I couldn’t help wondering and worry what her friends must be thinking of the quack who posted that!!  I quickly posted another comment to Mary trying to explain that I was sorry the message was intended for my brother.  Of course as is the case with all mistakes, I was too late, people saw it and actually thought it was funny.  Mary even gave it a “thumbs up.”

I’m relieved that I did not embarass Mary and happy that everyone has taken this so well……I’ve learned a very embarrassing and important lesson in respondidng and posting…..before you send remember;

Warning: Read Before Entering

Oh, and to my baby brother Greg…..This really was your fault!!!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!


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