The Love Of Books…..

Happy “Book Lovers Day.”

I love books.  I love everything about books.  I love the feel of a book, the smell of the ink and paper.  I love the anticipation of the story line, eagerly waiting and willing to go wherever the characters are going to take me.  Who will I like, who can I identify with?  Who will be my favorite character and who won’t?  When I try to predict the outcome am I right on the mark, close, or way off base?  I am always amazed about something new I find out about someone, something or history.  Books take you on great adventures, whether they’re historical or imaginary and you never have to leave the comfort of your home or patio.

I have loved books and reading my whole life.  Growing up I remember spending my summers at the public library which was about a mile from our house.  In those days I could walk there by myself, it was safe to do that back then.  This is a photo of my childhood library, the Conley Library.

As a child, probably from the time I was seven years old through my teenage years, I went to the library at least once a week.  Even during summer vacation from school I can remember going to the library weekly.  I would read anything and everything from Madeline books when I was young, growing into the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy series in my pre-teen years and moving onto more appropriate stories for my teen years.    It did not bother me that everyone else was running around outside, I had to have my books, I knew that I’d catch up to everyone later in the day.

The library was old, it had character.  The wood floors creaked under your feet as you walked into the library.  You were pulled in by the beauty of the chery wood walls which were lined by cherry-wood book cases and in the background the cherry-wood staircase was beautiful.  The library always felt warm and welcoming. I could spend hours in the library, sitting in the little wooden chairs at the little round wooden tables on the youth side of the library and as I grew older eager to sit on the other side where the desks were rectangle and the chairs were much bigger with high backs.  The musty smell of old books and the fresh ink smell of new ones filled the air.  I loved it, I loved being there.

Monday Walt asked me about looking into purchasing a Kindle.  Walt’s argument is that it’s time we catch up to technology and he doesn’t understand why I don’t want to.  So long as I can buy and hold a book I am sticking to the real deal.  Walt thinks I’m being stubborn, maybe I am.  Please keep in mind, this is coming from the man who still can’t take and send photo’s with the phones we’ve had for two years, I can and do all the time.   I skype, I opened up a small business website, I started a little blog, how am I holding up our progress with technology?   I am a creature of habit, I am not ready for modern technology in reading.  I love my books.

Yesterday I made a stop at Barnes and Noble (I do miss my Borders Books).  I bought real books, hard cover books, heavy books, with real pages… Kindle.  When I got back into the car I gave Walt a quick call.  When he asked what I was up to I told him I had just left Barnes and Nobles:

Walt:  What’d you get?

Me:  Books

Walt:  (laughing)….. Ok, sweetie, what ever you want.

I am an avid reader.  Generally I have one book I’m reading and one waiting, usually more.  The book I am starting today is “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn, I can’t wait to get started.  It’s about a young couple who have a seemingly perfect marriage until the young wife goes missing on their 5th wedding anniversary.  It has received some pretty great reviews, I can’t wait to start it later this morning.

In honor of “Book Lovers Day” grab a good book, whether it’s in hard cover or paper back, on audio, on a Kindle. on-line or through your phone.  Find your “must read” and enjoy.


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