Eric’s Big Milestone

I am a proud grandma today…..ok let’s face it, I’m a proud grandma everyday.  I know I probably get on people’s nerves about how much I go on about my beautiful grandchildren but I don’t care.  They are the light of my life and they’ve kept me grounded and present through a few rough spots over the last few years.  I will continue to cheer about all their accomplishments, no matter haw big or how small.

Eric turned four on July 14.


After two years of trying every potty training method known to mom’s everywhere and then some, out of the clear blue last Wednesday our lil E woke up and yelled….”Momma, I’ve gotta go potty!!!!!”  Not a training potty, the big boy potty because as Eric puts it “I can’t fall in!!”

Just like that, no asking, no coaching, no pleading, no gift giving.  Nikki woke up prepared to change Eric’s diaper, instead he ran into her room to announce he had to go to the potty, then he ran into the bathroom.   His diaper from the night…..dry.

Eric has been using the big boy potty ever since……YAHOO!!  And not hit or miss, Eric will actually tell you and then go in there on his own like he’s been doing it for years, you no longer have to ask.  I have to laugh when I think of Nikki putting him on the toilet every 15-20 minutes and Eric would do nothing….she’d take him off put a diaper on him and poof….he’d wet the diaper. I mean this little one was really stubborn about the whole thing.  Nikki tried the gift giving….nothing.   She even took some of his favorite toys away….nothing.  She tried the running around in big boy pants and nothing….what a mess.  She tried and tried and tried.  And Eric fought and fought and fought.

We would try to help out when Eric was here on the weekends, taking him in there and letting him sit.  I was frustrated and I’m not with Eric all the time. Nikki and John we’re both trained both in the same weekend just before they turned two and I can remember that it was festival weekend so they had to use the bathrooms in the church hall, we kept running every 30 minutes with no accidents.  So dealing with this little stubborn guy was new to me too.

Eric spent the night with us this past Saturday.   I was sure he would get involved in playing and not let me know when he had to go.  I was really afraid we would be Nikki’s “two steps back in the potty process.”  But that wasn’t the case at all, even when we were outside, Eric would let me know he had to use the potty.

Each time Eric said he had to potty I would go in with him although he wouldn’t let me help him.  He would pull down his own pants and pull-up and get on all by himself, then pull them both back up again when he was done.  Eric would look at me with a mischevious smile and say “Are you ready grandma….listen.”  I would hear the tinkle and he’d beam from ear to ear.  Eric has the greatest smile, it lights up his whole face, I love it.  He was pretty self sufficient, Eric only need grandma to turn on the water so he could wash his hands.

Sunday morning Eric woke me up at 6:00 a.m. very excited…”Grandma I have to go pee!!!”  and off he went to the bathroom me trailing behind.  I was elated when I discovered that he was dry through the night!!  My first thought was “hey we’re making progress here.”

A few hours later he announced again that he had to go and when I started to follow him he said “Grandma, that’s ok, I can do it myself.”  And he did.  I guess he figures I’ve accompanied him enough to know now that he is actually going…..or he wants privacy.

Papa Walt and I are so proud of Eric.  When Nikki sent Papa Walt and me a text last Wednesday to let us know that Eric had been using the big boy potty all day and was letting his momma know when he had to go, Papa sent Eric a text message back telling him “Good Job….”  Lil E was so excited to get his own text message.

When Eric pooped in the big boy potty he called grandma (me) to let me know.  He was so excited, he told me that he wants to come and poop in my potty too.  He’s such a cutie!!

After all this time, I don’t know the reason behind Eric waking up last week and announcing that he had to go potty.   A month ago I would have told you “I wonder why…..”  Today, I don’t care.  We are just so proud of Eric and his accomplishment, his milestone.






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