The Lighthouse

Big Sable Point Lighthouse
Ludington State Park – Michigan

Today is National Lighthouse Day; this day is designated to honor and commemorate the beacon of light that symbolizes safety and security for boats at sea.

Lighthouses are designed to emit light from a system of light and lenses and is used as an aid to navigate sea captains at sea or inland waterways.  The major function of a lighthouse is to basically mark dangerous coastlines, hazardous reefs, safe entries to harbors and even assist in aerial navigation.

I can remember seeing my first lighthouse as a child, it was on the shore of Lake Michigan and I instantly fell in love with it.  Seeing a lighthouse through the eyes of a child I always thought they were mysterious yet beautiful.  I remember secretly wishing and promising myself that one day I would live in one.

My feelings about lighthouses changed only slightly as I became and adult.  They are still beautiful and mysterious but now they’ve also became something romantic.  You’re walking along the shoreline with someone you love when all of a sudden you see this beautiful lighthouse.  Breathtaking and peaceful, you are drawn to this big beautifully mysterious lighthouse standing there and it becomes a silent witness to a romantic moment.  Lighthouses never cease to take my breath away, literally, I find myself holding my breath when one first comes into view.

As I was preparing for today’s entry and thinking about what purpose lighthouses serve, I began to relate.  As parent/grandparent I see my role as one who guides my family, making sure they have a safe passage into the world, assuring they are protected from hazards and dangers.  Much like a lighthouse, I (hopefully) have already and will continue to, light the way for them.

John and Nikki are well into navigating their own lives and one day Joshua, Kaylee and Eric will embark on their own life journey; sooner than I will be ready for I’m sure.  I believe that it’s important for each of them to know and be assured that the family beacon will always shine brightly, unceasingly and without exception.

Now or in the future, whether my children or grandchildren are seeking a safe harbor or simply need a little navigation assistance, home will always be here, a place for them to land and get their bearings.  Because together, as a family, we can and will withstand any type of storm.


4 thoughts on “The Lighthouse

  1. This is a very sweet post. All families need a lighthouse to guide them. I am sure your family appreciates that you are their guide in this lifetime. Blessings. 🙂

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