Simplify Your Life Week – Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of Simplify Your Life Week!  What were you able to manage yesterday, hopefully something that took less than 5 minutes and will make your life just a little easier.

Remember, simplifying your life doesn’t mean that you have to undertake a major project, it can be quick and simple that perhaps eliminates the need for you to search for things, move things, read things, find things.  It can even be as simple as taking a 15 minute walk or taking 15 minutes to sit in the yard by yourself to collect your thoughts.

Today my project was to clean up my Facebook friends page and my e-mail, eliminate the e-mail newsletters that I subscribe to that I don’t read.  Believe it or not, even if I don’t read some of them, they clutter up my inbox which means I’m taking a little longer to find the newletters and e-mail that I really what to read, like the ones from my favorite recipe sites.

Incoming E-Mail:  I eliminated 3 e-mail subscriptions:

Social Connections:  This is a site that I have not used in well over 10 years.  A few girlfriends and I, all inbetween realtionships joined a social networking group, I still get their newsletters and updates on what’s happening.  I don’t even open them….why are they cluttering up my inbox???  Unsubscribed today.

BLR Safety Advisor:  I have not held an HSE safety position in many years, their newsletters and updates arrive on a regular basis and, they too, go un opened and unread………Unsubscribed today.

Dell:  I don’t know why I subscribed to Dell, perhaps it was when I bought the lap top, maybe they asked for my  e-mail address.  This is another newsletter that arrives regularly and I don’t open it so it clutters up the screen.  Unsubscribed today.

E-Mail Addresses:

I went through my e-mail address book and eliminated old e-mail addresses for family and friends who have changed them.  This might seem trival however for a few friends and family who seem to change e-mail addresses frequently, I have multiple e-mails that are obsolete.  When I try to send them an e-mail, all of the e-mail address that I have in the address book show up and prompt me to pick the one I want to use.  If I only have the correct one, I don’t have to browse and waste time looking for the correct one.

I have also eliminated the e-mail address for people that, for one reason or another, I no longer communicate with OR they were auto saved after I responded to a job posting.  These also have a way of showing up when entering names in the outgoing e-mail TO: line.


My facebook account was originally opened strictly to communicate with family and close friends shortly after the sudden death of my 5 week old nephew DJ, he is my brother John’s son.  Facebook was a place for us to share our thoughts and feelings, a place for us to grieve when not together.  In the very beginning I only had 9 facebook friends.  We kept the circle pretty small.

Overtime that number grew as I added more people.  A lot of my family and friends like to play the facebook games so of course I played to.  With the games came requests from the pets and imaginary friends of the people on my friends list so that we could increase the number of “neighbors” we had in our games.  As of today they are all gone… more dogs, no more cats, no more super hero’s, just real people.

I now have 35 people on my friends list and I’m good with that.

With the exception of the slot machines (hey I have to have one vice), I also unsubscribed to the games I was playing so that I don’t get requests or the progress feeds when my friends play them.

There are also controls you can set to limit what type of information you receive from your contacts, I’ve made use of those as well.

I feel pretty good about the progress I made on Day 2 and it didn’t take a lot of time to accomplish.

Remember……KISS – KEEP IT SIMPLE SWEETIE!!  What is your Day 2 project on the way to simplifying your life?

Have A Good Day!!!


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