A Month of Walking……..Day 1

Hello everyone!

For those of you who follow our blog regularly, you know that I made a committment earlier this week to start walking on August 1.  My goal is to get back up to my 5 mile a day regime that I had 9 years ago BPW (= Before Papa Walt), which I think, or maybe thought….was possible yesterday until I started doing a little research.

Everyone I know will tell you that I have absolutely no issues with aging, I don’t mind being over 50, I don’t mind being 56.  I have my grandchildren to thank for that because I love being “Grandma!!”  The constant AARP cards that arrive in my mailbox are a little annoying, but recently I’ve even paused to think about joining and have had a few conversations with Walt about AARP.

But I’m off course, my point is aging is not an issue for me, I don’t think of myself as old.  Sure I have a few more aches and pains, way too many pounds came to visit and never left my short frame, I get tired a little quicker than I used to and a few new bodily functions have crept into my life, but we really don’t need to discuss those here….for the most part, I feel great.

I have no idea what made me even think of doing this, I did an internet search for “walking programs for people over 50.”  Imagine my surprise when I found that there are over 453,000,000 articles on this subject!!  I clicked on a few and did the old skim and read trick and found that most of the articles I read suggest you ask your doctor first especially if you are new to walking or have been a couch potato for many years.  I am sad to say that I fall more into the couch potato category than I do the new to walking.

I found a site that has a walking program very similar to what I had planned on doing all along.  The only difference it that I wanted to increase to 30 minutes by the end of the first week and they suggested that you stick with the 15 minute routine no less than 5 days a week.  You add 5 minutes each week until the fourth week when you reach 30 minutes.  I laughed.

My first thought was, “uhmp…you don’t know this granny!”  I’m sticking to my 15 minutes the first few days and increasing until I’m at 30 minutes by next Wednesday.  That thought stayed with me until I was about 10 minutes into my walk…..when my pace got a little slower and my breath got a little heavier, wondering if the people on their front porches could hear me breathing as I walked by.

When I arrived back home I was tired, my upper thighs were a little sore and I was out of breath.  It’s not that I don’t walk or do things around the house, it’s just that I haven’t “walked” in many years.  I was shocked that I felt so out of shape.  I am out of shape, who am I kidding.

I am happy to say that the soreness did not last long once I got home nor did the shortness of breath.  What I did realize though is that perhaps the website was right and instead of pushing myself to increase my walking to 30 minutes I realign my walking routine to mirror the one they posted and get back into walking gradually.

I am scheduled for my annual physical with my primary care doctor next week so I’ll make sure that he and I discuss this new routine, I doubt he will have any issue with it, but I will mention it just the same.

So, results for Walking Day 1 – Success, I went, I felt it, I made it.  And I felt good about it when I got back home.  I’m proud of myself for not saying, “hey, do it tomorrow.”  Because I know from 9 years of “do it tomorrow” experience, tomorrow never seems to be the right day either.

Looking forward to my walk later today!

Enjoy your day everyone!!


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