Monday, Monday…..You Really Can’t Stop It

It’s a typical Monday…you know generally start of the work week for many, lots of moaning going on across the land, people trying to get into the work routine.  I knew mine was going to be different because Walt would be home but that wouldn’t throw off my day.  My Monday was going by fairly well, I had three-quarters of today’s post written, pictures downloaded, draft saved so I could start “Sunday Big Breakfast” on Monday.  Josh wanted to wait and do “big breakfast” today since Walt worked yesterday.

The boys were downstairs playing Playstation, I can hear Josh humming (he hums when he plays Playstation, not a song, he hums “hummmmm, hummmm, hummmm.”  We’re used to it.  I can also hear papa shuffling in the oversized slippers that I bought him for Christmas the ones that I’m responsible for purchasing too big and the ones he wouldn’t return..”shhhh, shhhh, shhhh” across my wood floors.  These are sounds that now go unnoticed until you don’t hear them, then you begin to wonder why.

Yep…things were moving right along until I burned the first batch of bacon (no idea how I did that), the table was set, pancake mix measured and ready, sausage frying, another batch of bacon too, I decided to grab the lap so I could write at the table and finish up today’s blog.

What?!?!  Why is my page blank?  No typing, no photo’s…..NOTHING.  A blank white sheet staring back at me.  I know for a fact that I hit “Save Draft” multiple times while writing.  Something, anything, even a simple little period should have still been on the page.  Nada……..

So I’ll start again……

We had a pretty good weekend, different because Walt worked, but good just the same.  Of course Josh was here and Kaylee came for a visit on Sunday for a few hours while her mom (Cindy) helped her brother (Michael) move.

Little E spent Saturday with his momma they went to a splash park with some friends….

Lil E went in…….

and then he came through………..

I love it!!  Little E loves the outdoors and the water, he is so much fun and he gets excited about everything!!  It was a perfect day for lil E and his momma who, by the way, I didn’t see getting wet in any of the photo’s.  What’s up with that momma?

Josh and I hung out, we went shopping, played Wizards, watched Alvin and the Chipmunks “Chipwrecked” three times and he and papa picked what is just the beginning of the gifts their garden is going to give us this year.

Josh and Papa
They looked……



And beans….

Gifts from our garden

When I snapped the above photo of Josh with the basket he said “Hey grandma, I have an idea.”  “You know how you wrote the poem about the patio?”  “Let’s write a poem about our little garden.”  So that’s what we did, we talked about the garden, how it was planted, what we had planted, taking care of it, picking it and of course Josh said to make sure to add that even though I didn’t get to help plant it, that I still get to have the vegetables in it.  After we got our ideas and words on paper, we wrote it, and scratched it, and rewrote it some more.  We put it all into a little poem that we finished late Sunday night.  We read it to Papa Walt and he loved it.  We’re going to post it today as a separate entry.

Don’t forget today is National Cheesecake Day!  Have you made yours??  I’m working on mine, recipe tomorrow.

Enjoy your Monday everyone!!



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