Coming Up This Week…..July 29 thru August 4, 2012

Hope your Sunday is going well, that you’re spending it exactly the way you want to, whether it’s breakfast out after church, sleeping in a little late, heading out to a family picnic, fishing or even just sitting on your patio reading the paper and enjoying a second cup of coffee.

A few months ago when I started designing my on-line gift basket website, one of the pages I created was dedicated to listing the holidays for the current given month.  At the beginning of each month I update the list and throughout the month I delete the holidays that have already passed that month.

While conducting an on-line search to make sure I hadn’t forgotten any special holiday I came across several websites that actually list odd, strange, bizarre, out of the ordinary observances.  I have to admit that over the last few months I have actually laughed out loud at some of the bizarre, to say the least, observances.

Saturday, while researching information to update my gift basket site for August, I thought how fun it would be to post these bizarre, odd, strange holidays on my blog and maybe draw some inspiration from a few of them for my menu planning and our blog.

With that in mind I decided to dedicate our Sunday blog to “Coming Up This Week….”  Each Sunday I will post the holidays coming up for the week.  Sunday is usually the hardest day for me to prepare and write because so much is going on here during our weekends.  But if I dedicate this post to “Coming Up This Week….” I can work on it during the week and Saturday morning and hit the “Publish” button on Sunday morning.

So…..let’s roll out our first week of “Coming Up This Week…..”

Sunday – July 29 thru Saturday August 4, 2012.


29      National Lasagna Day

30      National Cheesecake Day

30      Father-in-Law Day

31       Mutt’s Day


1       National Raspberry Cream Pie Day

2      National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

3      National Watermelon Day

4      National Mustard Day (first Saturday)

4      U.S. Coast Guard Day

Right out of the Sunday kickoff gate I am going to tell you that personally, I think, Lasagna Day was designated in the wrong month.  What was wrong with November through March, great months for turning on the oven and letting a tasty lasagna bake in the oven.

We love lasagna, unfortunately I don’t want to heat up my kitchen in July (even with air conditioning) to make one or for that matter, eat a heavy meal on a beautiful summer day….I just can’t do it.  I know we could go out to dinner and order lasagna but honestly, we like my homemade lasagna much better so we’ll take a pass on the lasagna today and say “Happy Lasagna Eating” to anyone who decided to make one or order one!

I can work with National Cheesecake, Ice Cream Sandwich and Watermelon Day, we’ll see where our creativity can take us with these this week.  I am not a fan of raspberries but Walt is so maybe I’ll find a way to slide those into Wednesday, even if it’s just buying fresh raspberries for him to snack on.  Of course watermelon will be the easiest one….who doesn’t love watermelon!

So, before my Joshie wakes up to start his day, I leave you with a wish for a beautiful and relaxing Sunday, no matter how you chose to do it.


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