Lunch With Greg – The Telway

Hello family, friends and fellow bloggers.  Thursday already, where did this week go?  I’m sitting in my kitchen with a cup of coffee, writing my post and watching the rain outside my window….I can hear thunder rolling in.  We need the rain, just not the destruction that summer storms can sometimes bring.

This is my baby brother Greg, isn’t he a little cutie?  Well maybe not so little, he’s tall and of course no longer a baby.

There are roughly 12 years difference in our ages, since Greg is the baby that would mean that I am older.  Even though there is a big age difference we’re very close, probably because he is the baby and I was the youngest girl, our pecking order is Lee, me, John and Greg.

Who knows, it probably has something more to do with that old saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.”  It’s even more important in the sibling pecking order.  We must have a need to keep our eye on each other.

I beleive that if Greg wouldn’t have left home when he did he probably would have convinced our parents that the other three, Lee, John and I didn’t exist.  Kind of like the Bobby Ewing death drama on the old Dallas TV show many years ago.  For a whole season we thought Bobby was dead until the first show of the new season when Pam (his wife) opened the shower door and there he stood, all steamy and shirtless.  If Greg would have hung around the family home much longer, I am sure, he could have conviced our parents that they dreamed of our existence.  He’s a smooth talker that one is, explains Greg’s interest in politics.

And then of course there is the fact that Greg knows my secrets from the time I was twelve and he was a baby.  Hey, I was not a dummy, I knew if I agreed to take the new baby out, the one we brought into the house to keep the other baby (John) company, for a walk in the stroller I could disappear with friends for a little while.

At first I was a little resentful, I mean come on, you had this baby to keep that baby company, how is it that I am always the one taking the baby for a walk, resentful until I realized it worked to my advantage.  I was 12, don’t hold it against me.

The new baby couldn’t talk, he slept a lot.  One quick stroll around the block, binki in his mouth, lil Greggie would be out like a light, oh yea. Did not take this girl long to see an opportunity ready for the picking.  I could play hand ball against St. John Ukranian School wall with my friends while Greggie slept.  Well, we played until Mr. Badayka came running out of his house to chase us away.  Hard to believe how fast that old guy could run!

Do you know how hard it is to run with a stroller??  Let me tell you, it’s not easy, pretty tricky.  That slightly chubby little pre-teen girl melted into a size 5 teen from all that stroller running and manuevering. Stoller running should be a Summer Olympic event!!  However now, as a parent, I would recommend dolls in the stroller not real babies.  Hmmm, gee Greg, all the jiggling in the stroller could explain a lot.

Right across the street from St. John’s was Our Lady Queen of Angels.  Unfortunately we couldn’t go across the street to Queen of Angels to play handball because that was our parish and my school, the nuns and priests knew our parents WAYYYYYY to well…. REALLY, REALLY well.  Our phone would have been ringing off the hook!!  So St. John’s it was, let the handball games begin.

When I married and left home  (the first one, why does that always make me feel like I have to mention that I’ve only been marrie twice?) I only lived one house away from my parents so of course my little brothers followed me, they were at our house all the time, strangers thought they lived there.  When we built a house 45 miles from my parents, my brothers would come and spend their summer vacation with us.  Even having twins didn’t scare them off, they hung around all the time.  Beginning to see a pattern here?

Seriously though, the stories are true, I’m just joking and teasing that I have to keep an eye on Greg or any of my siblings.  We have our differences in opinions and are not afraid to express them, but in the end we have always and will always be there for each other.

Greg and I really enjoy spending time together.  I think that it was so easy for Greg and I to develop a closer relationship as adults because Greg has never been married and I was divorced for over 10 years before I married Walt.  Greg worked for me for a while too so we had daily contact, it was easy to say “hey do you want to do this?”  It helps too that we like a lot of the same things.

Our brother John was a truck driver, for many years John drove over-the-road and when he did drive local he worked long hours.  Our sister Lee lives in Arizona, it’s not really convenient to call her up and say hey, let’s catch a movie or go to dinner.  It’s not that we love them any less, it’s just that distance, life and careers put us on different paths and time zones.

Greg has a job that offers him an opportunity to work from home a day or two a week which means from time to time he and I can meet for lunch.  Greg lives in a really cool town, Ferndale.  It’s a good size town with a small town feel.  There are tons of great restaurants and meeting places.  People are friendly, even if they don’t know you.  I love going to one of the many restaurants for lunch or dinner.  I always say if you can’t find something to kill your craving in Ferndale then you didn’t look because seriously, it’s all there.

Last Friday Greg and I agreed to meet somewhere that wasn’t in Ferndale.  A place where I don’t get to eat at a lot, a place that Greg and I both love, actually our whole family does.  We’ve eaten their food since we were babies.  I don’t eat there often not because of distance or cost….the real reason is because I have IBS and the food can sometimes disagree with my tummy.

We met at The Telway in Madison Heights.  Currently there are only two Telway restaurants, one in Detroit on Michigan Ave. and Martin, the other is in Madison Heights.  The owner is currently working on opening a third restaurant near Nikki but I don’t know if it is on the Taylor side or the Dearborn Heights side of the road.  Nikki is geeked too, she and her brother John are very familiar with The Telway as well.

The Telway – Madison Heights, MI

These delicious, greasy little burgers and cheeseburgers are not to be confused with Bray’s or White Castle…..The Telway wins hands down!!  In my opinion there is no comparison!!

Inside there isn’t a lot of room to sit, there are about 8 or 10 stools at the counter and six along the window.

The Telway

There are no tables and no booths.  No waitresses to come to your table with a menu; the menu is on the wall…

The Menu

If you sit at the counter, the girls behind it will take your order.  If you sit at the window you walk up to the grill and place your order…..”To Go” orders are wrapped in the little tissue paper, see it in the photo?

The Grill

I wish I would have remembered to get a photo of the takeout window.  The takeout area has it’s own entry way, it is not part of the actual restaurant.  The “TAKEOUT” alcove/vestibule is about 4 foot wide by maybe 10 feet long, the takeout window is just to the right of the grill in this photo.

Once you place your order when it’s ready it looks like this:

Telway Cheeseburgers

Onion Rings

Great Lunch

Delicious, Greasy Little Burgers!!

Of course I could not admit that I went to The Telway without bringing home a sack for Walt.

Grease Stained Bag

The Telway is so popular it has its own Facebook page!!

I wish I could have them more often but I guess part of why they always taste so good is that I am not able to eat them as often as I would like.  You can’t beat a good little greasy burger……….

Do you have a favorite “greasy spoon?”

Tell us

We’d love to hear all about it!!


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