Our Weekend Adventure Wrap Up

Hello family, friends and fellow bloggers.

Today starts our slide into Walt’s adjusted schedule that he’ll work over the next two weeks so Monday technically was part of our weekend.  Originally Walt was supposed to have today off as well, but for one reason or another things were switched up just a bit at the last-minute.  All I know for sure is that he will work for the next 7 days and be off next Monday and Tuesday.  The next two weeks will be interesting for sure.

Sunday our house was full of people in and out all day long.  Nikki arrived to pick up little E, he couldn’t stay all day because he had his cousins, Darrin, Tyler, Sophia and Auntie Bre (Eric’s daddy’s sister) coming over to swim in his swimming pool and his momma (Nikki) had to work for a little bit Sunday night.

Lil E

John came down from up north for the day to visit with the kids.  Josh spent the night with us and John arrived early so they were able to have breakfast together and hang out.  They washed papa’s car, played playmobil and a little baseball in the back yard.  Papa and I made pizza.

Josh grabbed the Mountain Dew bottle to drive grandma crazy!

My parents came by for a little bit, Busia and Dzia Dzia as the great grandbabies call them.  We had a quick little visit they stopped by on their way home from church and breakfast, dropping off Tupperware from one of our previous BBQ leftovers.  My mom, gotta love her, she is the only person who returns my plastic ware, even the ones I get from the dollar store because she knows that in order to take leftovers the next time you have to return the plastic ware this time.  Mom just has to help train her grandchildren.  Ummm…I feel the need to add here that I am not that annal about plastic ware, it’s a little inside joke.

Later in the day Cindy (Josh and Kaylee’s momma) and her mom (Mio/grandma) came by with Kaylee so she could visit with daddy.  We sat in the yard and chatted for a while the kids swam in the pool and yes…argued over a tiny Detroit Tiger baseball bat (see we are normal, there is drama).  It’s not often I can get Mio to sit very long when she comes by, it was a nice little visit.

By 7:00 p.m. things started to wind down…everyone had left, we cleaned up the patio and Josh decided to stay another night.  The three of us just hung out, watched a couple of Lord of The Rings movies and crashed.

We had a fun, full weekend!

I have to say though it was very nice having Walt home yesterday.  After my eye exam we went out to breakfast, tried a new restaurant, well not exactly new, but remodeled and opened under new management, and a new name, The Pepper Mill. We used to go there a lot under the old management and the old name but the service and food had gotten so bad we stopped going there about a year before they finally closed the doors.

So now it’s known as The Pepper Mill and as soon as we saw our breakfast arrive at the table and took the first bite we both immediately said, “This is our new breakfast spot.”  I had the Country Omelette and Walt ordered the Country Skillet.  Basically the skillet is exactly like omelette except it comes in a skillet with the peppers, onions and sausage on the bottom, cheese covering all of that, scrambled eggs followed next with delicious country gravy poured over the top, basically an un-assembled omelette served in a skillet.

I took a photo of my breakfast with my cell phone, Walt was just interested in eating his.  Ok, so I’ll admit it, I ate about a quarter of mine before I thought of the photo, but you can still see how delicious it was!!  That is over three-quarters of the omelette left!  It was a lot of food!!  Prices here are very reasonable, we’re going to try lunch there next before we commit to dinner.

Country Omelette – The Pepper Mill Restaurant

We also took advantage of our time together to watch Kaylee and Joshua at their Karate lesson.  What fun!!  I love the Sensei, he has such a great temperament for little kids, he has a great way with them, having a little fun while learning important lessons.

Joshua performing his moves to earn his stripe

Our shy little Kaylee was awesome
She earned her stripe too!!

Josh and Kaylee
Karate Class
They earned their black stripe

At 8:00 p.m., Karate over, it was still 98 degrees and neither one of us wanted to spark up the grill so we decided to have dinner at The Avenue, it is one of our favorite places.  Denise our regular waitress had just finished her shift and was having a coffee when we walked in.  Denise quickly filled in a new waitress of what we order, from what we drink to what salad dressing we take and what we order for dinner.  Denise is an awesome waitress and we love being a regular!!

Walt had the Chicken Parmesan (no photo – he wouldn’t play along), I had the Chicken Fettuccine, both of these dishes are delicious.  I brought about half of mine home with me, it’s a lot of food for a reasonable price.

Chicken Fettuccine
The Avenue

So that’s the wrap up on our weekend…. I know, my family is going to say “Nancy, what’s with no recipes?”  Well…..you already have the one’s we made over the weekend….I’m working on it.

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