Monday Morning Moaning……..Part I – Saturday

Welcome to Monday family, friends and fellow bloggers!!  Is everyone ready to start a brand new week?

We’re ready ….although with just a little “Monday morning moaning!!”  I had to get up early for an eye doctor appointment and it would have been just a little nicer to hang out and have another cup of coffee and reflect on our awesome weekend.  Plus Walt is off today so being lazy a little longer would have been nice for him.

Our blog, Rezich Family Kitchen, was nominated for two awards over the weekend; One Lovely Blog Award and The Versatile Blogger Award.  We are all so excited, especially Joshua who is 8 and understands the family blog a little bit more than Kaylee and Eric.  Thank You again to those that thought we were worthy of the awards.

We had a GREAT weekend, filled with family in and out of the house on both days.  It was crazy and we absolutely loved it.  So our “moaning” is merely we weren’t ready for it to end so quickly!!  We had two beautiful days especially with our grandbabies, the loves of our lives.

Saturday it was just Papa, Grandma and the grandbabies.  As you can see Papa Walt got a great workout…….

I love the “Let’s Get Papa” game.
It’s my favorite!!

This is not posed, they really do love to climbing all over Papa, I had to be really quick to get my photo’s as my family will tell you, I drive them crazy with photo’s so they aren’t always willing to wait for me…..

Gotta love the Papa Walt!

It was funny because all three of them were in “funny” little moods.  It was one of those days where one would say “don’t touch me” so one of the other two would give a little poke and they would argue a little bit.  Or one would want what the other one had or was playing with.  Even better yet, they would taunt each other, you know…the “na na na na looooook whhaaat I’ve got…….”

Walt and I stood off to the side and watched, making sure they didn’t take things too far.  The comical part was when Walt and I tried to jump in and the three of them turned on us…..kind of like a “hey, were ok, what are you guys talking about.”  It was funny and cute watching them stick up for each other.

The cousins put together a little baseball game, just the three of them, it was fun to watch…..

We had a pitcher…..

Even a batting coach!

After a while, just like any little league game, some players got just a little bored in the outfield…….

Just a little bored……

After a while it got too hot and they asked papa to fill up the little pool for them which he did.

There were hot dogs for dinner too!

There was a hot dog scout…….
“Are they ready yet?”

And finally we ate….

Josh and Lil E spent the night, for a while it looked like my Kaylee bug was going to stay too until she stubbed her toe when tried to jump from the kitchen landing into the livingroom.  She didn’t get hurt, it just stung for a little bit but at that point she was ready for her momma!  That’s ok…’s progress, music to my ears that my lil bug actually said she was going to spend the night!  One day our little lady, baby steps we will continue to take until you’re ready.

The boys wound their day down watching Toy Story 3 and Cars 2.  How lucky was I that I found those movies back to back.

And a little WWE

It was a fun filled Saturday for all….bedtime chatter was full of talk about playing, momma coming to pick up     lil E and Joshua and Kaylee’s daddy driving down for a visit…..

It did not go unnoticed that Papa was the first one to fall asleep.

Until tomorrow ….. have a great Monday!


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