All Across America – We Stopped To Pray

All across America yesterday we all stopped to pray not only for the victims of the Aurora theater massacre, but for all of the people of Colorado who are trying to make sense of this senseless tragedy.  I was out and about most of the day yesterday and everywhere I went someone, everyone, was talking about it.

I, like everyone else, said a prayer when I heard.  I prayed for the victims who died, for their families who are left to wonder why.  I prayed for those who were injured, that they would heal and return to their loved ones soon.  I prayed for those who were in the theater caught in the confusion, for the police officers and rescue workers, for the doctors and nurses treating the injured.

And yes, I prayed for the gunman, he is a very disturbed young man.  I prayed for his parents and family, people who will now become the focus of “what did you do wrong?”  They will be put under a microscope, accused, blamed, judged and more.  They will lose family and friends.  Their lives too will be changed forever.

For a split second my mind rewound back to Wednesday…the day I last spoke with my best friend Tina who lives in Colorado.  Her husband Ken is currently working out-of-state, he had flown in earlier in the week to surprise her and spend a few days at home.  I knew Ken was staying through the weekend.  My brain raced to remember what their plans were for the next few days, it came back in flashes; contractors, repairs, storm damage, relocation back to Michigan, jobs, Princess (the dog), friends…, no movie premiers, I’m sure of it, Tina didn’t say they planned on going to the movies, she has to work, did she say she was taking any days off?  And then I see it…..her response to one of my Facebook posts.  I let out my breath, I say a little prayer, Thank you God.

You can’t turn on the news, any news, even local news without the top story being the massacre in Colorado.  My issue with our local news coverage here in Michigan is the ability of our Detroit News stations to find a “Michigan Connection.”

Why is it important to find a “Michigan Connection?”  Who cares that the Aurora Police Chief is from Ann Arbor, MI?  A tragedy has just occured…who cares that the police chief is from Michigan!!  I don’t, do you?

Keep you eye on the story people….71 people were shot, 12 people dead.  Tell me the names of the victims, who they are, a little about their life.  I don’t want you to push your way into their family’s grief, don’t intrude on their privacy.  There are ways to find things out about who the victims were as people.  So that, from a distance, we can celebrate who they were and the lives they lived before they were taken too soon.

Your job is to tell us WHY!!  I want to know why this happened.  WHY?  What kind of person does this?  What was going on in this young man’s life to make him commit this horrible act?  As the story unfolds we hear that this was not random, it was well thought out and played out.  For the love of Mike, he bought a ticket went into the theater and propped open an emergency door so he could get back in.  WHY?  He booby-trapped his apartment.  WHY?  Did he think he would die and not return?  Or was he so delusional he thought he could get away?  Are there things in his apartment that can give us insight into his mind, his actions?  Could have it been stopped?  Where there any indications that he was struggling emotionally?  Mentally?  Any indication to anyone that he was capable of such an act?

So local news people, I want you to look for the WHY…..Keep your eye on the story.  This has nothing to do with us and yet it has everything to do with us.  It has everything to do with every city and town in our nation.  This could have happened Anywhere and Everywhere USA.

It could have happened here………..


4 thoughts on “All Across America – We Stopped To Pray

    • Thank you, it’s heartbreaking to even have such a story to comment about. So hard for as an outsider to comprehend, cannot imagine how those directly involved are managing. My heart goes out to them.

  1. Here in England the only explanation so far is “He believes himself to be Batman’s nemesis, The Joker”. This tells us that he is very ill in some way but it still doesn’t tell us WHY he did it!

    I want to know why Fred West did it. I want to know why Ted Bundy did it. I want to know why Harold Shipman, Beverly Allit and Jack The Ripper did it. I don’t want sensationalism any more than you do – I want explanations.

    Why can’t the media focus on WHY instead of turning these events into a media circus? Have they no respect for the victims and their families at all?

    A very pertinent post. Thank you for reminding us that this isn’t a horror story. It was real and people are dead and injured and confused and sad and hurting.

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