“NACHO” Typical Work Schedule

Woohoo….it’s Wednesday (and raining), two more days and Walt will have a four-day weekend.  Unfortunately the four day weekend is not a result of vacation days.

Although Walt is a salary employee when he works overtime he is entitled to over time pay.  I won’t say the company, however I will say the location he works at does not believe in paying overtime so when special projects come up and someone needs to be in the building for contractors and suppliers they tend to rearrange schedules so that overtime is not a factor.

That’s what has happened this time.  Building expansion is set to begin and equipment upgrades are starting to take place.  Unfortunately the best time to do that is Saturday and Sunday when the facility is always empty.  Walt drew the short straw so after this long weekend he’ll be working the next two weekends with Monday and Tuesday becoming his time off.

Walt is actually pretty excited about it.  He’ll see the equipment going in, learn how to use it and then he will train everyone else.  Walt likes getting in there at ground zero which now makes me wonder if he volunteered for this little project.

Even though it’s “not your (nacho) typical work schedule” (like that little play on words, I know, right?), it really is not all the bad either.  Wednesday through Friday Walt will work his split shift, but Saturday and Sunday will be a regular day shift which means he’ll be home for a normal dinner hour.  With Monday and Tuesday off we’ll be able to do some things during the week that we normally wouldn’t have the time to do because of his split shift.

It all works out in the end I guess and it is only for two weeks.  I think it’s funny that the guys were worried about what I was going to say.  That is one of the great things about Walt’s company, they are family oriented, they do believe family is first.  If I would have given him grief about it or if we had some type of family event planned someone else would have taken it.

We’ve had some family emergencies that have come up in the last few years and management has been very good to us.  When Josh and Kaylee’s Papa Al (Cindy’s Dad) passed away unexpectedly the facility manager approached Walt and told him to take off and do what he had to do to be with and take care of our grandchildren.  The facility managers words, “Take care of your family.”  I love this company.

I’m good with this crazy lil schedule, we’ll make it work, make it interesting I’m sure.

So in light of Walt’s upcoming wacky temporary schedule,  today I’ll leave you with our Tasty Nacho’s Recipe.  This recipe didn’t originate anywhere but came from a little bit of everywhere.  You know, one of those recipes where over the years you take a little bit from this recipe, a little bit from that one and just a smidge from what sounds like it  might be good that’s been rolling around in your head.  You throw it all together and BAM!  A masterpiece is created.

Have fun with it, add anything that you like on your nacho’s that we didn’t do, maybe try something new.

Tasty Nacho’s

Tasty Nacho’s

What You’ll Need:

1.25 – 1.5 lbs.        Ground Round

1 Packet                 Taco Seasoning

3/4 cups                Water

1 Cup                      Shredded Cheese

1 Can                      Traditional Refried Beans

1 Cup                      Thick n Chunky Salsa

1-4 oz Can             Chopped chili peppers

1 Bag                       Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips

1 Cup                       Sliced green onions

1 Cup                       Diced tomatoes

Sour Cream


  • Brown ground beef – drain
  • Return to pan and add taco seasoning and water
  • Bring to a boil, reduce heat, simmer about 10 minutes until thickened
  • Turn on broiler
  • Place rack close to broiler
  • Line a large baking sheet with aluminum foil
  • Spread tortilla chips over the baking pan
  • Spread the meat mixture over the tortilla chips

Spread meat mixture over chips

  • Drop small spoonfuls of refried beans all over the chips and meat mixture

Refried beans

  • Drop salsa by small spoonfuls over the chips/meat/beans

Add salsa

  • Spread chili’s over the chips/meat/beans/salsa
  • Spread cheese over the entire baking sheet
  • Place under broiler until cheese melts

Broil until cheese is melted

  • Garnish with tomatoes and green onions (or anything you like)
  • Serve

2 thoughts on ““NACHO” Typical Work Schedule

    • Hi granny!! Refried beans are a delicious Mexican food used in Mexican cuisine. They can be black beans, red beans or even pinto beans soaked overnight, stewed, drained and then mashed or pressed into a paste. Spices are added and then they are baked. Here in the states you can buy them in a can, which is what I do.

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