Happy Birthday Lil E…You’re 4 Today!!!


Happy Birthday Lil E!
You’re 4 Today!!!

Happy Birthday Baby!!  I will never forget the day I heard you were coming to us in 8 months…..so much was going on in our lives I worried about your mommy and you and if everything would be ok.  But you my little man became my focus, my hope for all good things to come in a time when everything in our lives was turned upside down.

While you were inside momma I would talk to you….every day.  Momma would call or we would be together and I would have a chat with you. I would sing songs to you (funny how Itsy Bitsy Spider is still your favorite song) I would tell you what was going on, how much we loved you and that we were waiting for you and couldn’t wait for you to arrive.  Your momma would roll her eyes and laugh, she thought I was crazy but the truth was little man you kept grandma from going crazy.

On the day you decided it was time to meet all of us I raced to the hospital.  I had hoped to be in the room when you arrived but after a long day and night of trying and you and momma were so very tired, the doctor thought it would be best if he got you all by himself.

I waited and waited and waited outside the door.  Your Nana and Papa were there too, Nana kept telling grandma everything would be ok that you would be here soon.  And just like magic daddy came out and said that you had arrived, you were very, very little but very strong and healthy.

Daddy said they were going to bring you out soon to meet us, that they wanted to give you a little bath and dress you up first.  That’s when a nurse came down the hallway with a tiny bundle in her arms, she walked into a room near where we were standing and said that we could stand close and watch her bath and dress you if we wanted to.

The nurse held you up against her shoulder, you were so tiny and beautiful.  I looked at you and said, “Hi baby it’s grandma, I’m so glad you’re here and can’t wait to hold you.”  At exactly that moment your head turned toward the sound of my voice, the nurse laughed and said, “Did you see that, he must know you!”   I laughed as I told her how your momma thought I was so silly talking to her tummy for 8 months, but maybe you really did recognize my voice, I am going to choose to believe that to be true.

When you and momma got settled in your room it was very late, early morning actually.  Nana and Pap and grandma came in to see you, we all got to hold you but soon the nurse said that it was time for all of us to leave.  I really didn’t want to leave you, I had waited for you for a long time.

All of a sudden your daddy said to me “Hey mom, Nikki and I talked about it, how would you like to spend the night here with Nikki and the baby?”  “I’ll go home and come back in the morning.”  I think your daddy planned that because he got to see you first and he wanted grandma to have some special time with you and momma since I couldn’t be in the room when you arrived.  It was a very sweet thing your daddy did for grandma.

Momma was really tired so we let her sleep.  You and I rocked in the rocking chair for hours, singing and talking.  I only gave you up when a nurse came in to check on you.  When you fell asleep I put you in the little basinette and pulled you next to the chair I was sitting in and I fell asleep beside you.

On a beautiful hot day, July 14, four years ago our journey began little man, your’s and mine and as you grew and grow our adventures and the memories we create continue.

Grandma and Papa love you little man – HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY!!

At 4 these are the things our little man loves:

His Momma

His Daddy

His cousins Josh and Kaylee

Being silly

Making Burgers

And Pizza



Bon Fires

Coney Island Too!!

A Day At The Zoo

Helping Papa Cut Grass




Turkey Sandwich

Chocolate Milk




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