Our “Foodie” Staycation Adventure – Grilled Corn

Hello family, friends and fellow bloggers.

First I want to apologize for yesterday’s crazy blog, which ever one you received.  I thought all I did was delete a few spaces, trying to move a photo and all of a sudden the post posted itself.  OK, I realize it didn’t do it all by itself, there was something I must have done that created some sort of “Publish” shortcut but I know, without a doubt, that I did not hit the “Publish” button.

In yesterday’s blog we started with our toast to a great week of grilling and wine tasting.  I know it’s not easy being the “grill master.”  All the work you put into preparation and the actual grilling sometimes means that the person who put it all together and stood over the fire and coals is the last person to sit down and actual enjoy the fruits of their labor.

For us that person is Walt, he is the grill master.  In all the years of grilling for us, Walt has never served us a bad meal.  He searches the recipes, makes his lists and does 99% of the prep work, all of the actual grilling and is usually the last one to sit down and eat, if he even sits at all.

This week Walt wanted to plan the grilling and serving of Monday’s dinner so that he could enjoy the meal with us so instead of trying to get everything on the table all at once we served dinner in four courses, salad, corn, the main course and last, but not least dessert.

I made the salad a little earlier in the day with Romaine lettuce and shaved Parmesan Cheese, I put it covered in the refrigerator.  Right before serving I added the croutons and Ken’s Caesar Dressing.

Caesar Salad

After our salad Walt served the grilled corn, it was delicious.  Walt found the recipe, “Grilled Corn (page 363) in “How To Grill” by Steven Raichlen.


Grilled Corn

What You Will Need

  • 4     Ears sweet corn in husks
  • 6     Tbls butter at room temperature
  • 2     Tbls minced fresh flat leaf parsley
  • 1     Clove garlic, minced
  • Coarse salt and black pepper


Set up the gill for direct grilling and preheat to high

Fashion the husk of each ear of corn into a handle (remove the corn silk)

Place the butter, parsley and garlic in a mixing bowl and whisk or beat until smooth and creamy

When ready too cook, lightly brush each ear of corn with a  little of the garlic-parsley butter

Arrange on the hot grate, positioning the ears in such a way that the husks are away from the fire

Place corn on grate

Grill the corn until the kernels are browned all over – about 8-10 minutes – turning as needed

Brush with remaining butter and seasoning gererously with salt and pepper

Remove corn from the grill serve at once

Grilled Corn

Tomorrow….my Loaded Mashed Potatoes


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