Toasting A Great Week of Grilling – Monday

Hello family friends and fello bloggers!  Hope everyone had a great 4th of July…well everyone who celebrates here in the states that is!! We had a pretty quiet holiday which is unusual for us.

Lil E spent Tuesday night so he was with us Wednesday morning until his Momma came to pick him up around noon.  After that we were pretty much on our own schedule and with nothing planned we relaxed all day and put a chicken on the rotessieri…..more of that in a future blog.

As those of you who follow us know Walt is on “Staycation” this week.  He has said all along that his primary goal this week was to bbq new recipes on the grill (almost) everyday and to try out new bottles of wine.  It’s Thursday and so far “Mission Accomplished.”

Monday we invited mom and dad for dinner.  We had New York Strip Steaks with Red-Eye Barbecue Sauce, Ceasar Salad, Grilled Corn and loaded mashed potatoes.  For dessert we had Banana Split Pie.  Oh yea, an adult only bbq wouldn’t be complete with a bottle of wine (or two).  Everything was delicious! We started our evening with a glass of wine, toasting family and good food.

Castle Rock
2010 – Cabernet Saugivnon

Castle Rock Cabernet Sauvignon comes from California’s Paso Robles region. This rich Cabernet Sauvignon has a dark purple color and black cherry and spice aromas.  This wine has rich berry and earthy flavors you can pick up hints of spice and vanilla.  A good value found at our local wine shop for $8.99/bottle.

Now I could tell you this was a little “earthier” than I like but I have to be honest and say I had one glass before dinner and one with….how “earthy” could it really have been.

We had a relaxing evening filled with wine and good food.

Tomorrow…..Grilled Corn, fantastic!


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