Off To See The Wizard……..

Happy Saturday everyone!

Didn’t get a chance to write yesterday, Joshua, his friends and I were busy saving the Spiral in Wizard City!

Wizard 101

Joshua Orgefinder (Joshua) and Sohpia Unicornheart (Me) battle the bad guys to keep the Spiral and Wizard city safe.  That’s Joshua with the sword, I am sitting on my mighty dragon!   We have fun completing our quests and earning rewards for fighting goblins, spiders, skeletal pirates, boars and more as we battle our way through multiple worlds.  Josh and I are both level 68 wizards.

Wizard 101 is how Joshua and I connect when we aren’t together, it’s an on-line role-playing game.  Auntie Nikki, Uncle Eric and Uncle Greg even have wizards.  It’s a great way for us to spend time together without leaving our homes.  Joshua’s mom has a wizard and Kaylee is just starting to take an interest, she is more into changing her Wizard’s outfits and running through the city than fighting.  Lil E is still to little but I am working on it, I know once he gets a little older he will be joining grandma and Joshie in battle!!

If you haven’t found Wizard 101 yet for your children or grandchildren look it up. Wizard 101 is one of the safest interactive role-playing websites I’ve found.  We control whether or not Josh can communicate with others, there is a feature that allows you to block chat and your child can only use prepared statements that pertain to battles and greetings.  Another nice feature is that it blocks foul language (although older children and adults can and have been creative) and eliminates the ability for a child to tell anyone their address, age or personal info, it won’t let you spell out numbers.  It is so word sensitive that I cannot call Joshua “Sweetie” on-line so we came up with sweet tea!

Each world has shops and vendors that sell clothing, wands, swords, hats, shoes and spells.  You can create a life wizard, a storm wizard, a fire wizard and more.  It truly is an amazing adventure that you can share with your child(ren) or grandchild(ren).

Once you create your Wizard you can roam around Wizard City and do battles within Wizard City for free.  If you want to explore other streets and other worlds in the Spiral you can buy a yearly membership which is usually available for $59.00/year or you can purchase gift cards and pay $10.00/mo, pay as you go if you don’t think your child will play that often.

We all have a great time together when we play.  Joshua has even hosted a “Wizard Party” at our house inviting Uncle Greg, Auntie Nikki and Uncle Eric to our house to play Wizards for the night.  Everyone brought their laptops and we played Wizards all together.  It was fun running room to room to chat and play.

For the party I found and bought wooden garden markers that looked like little wands so I also picked up crinkle ribbon, markers and glitter!   Josh gave everyone a wand when they arrived and asked them to decorate it and personalize it.  Papa Walt made pizza and it was a great night!!

If you’re a grandparent who lives away from your grandchildren (or even if you’re not), find your inner child and get connected.  Wizard 101 is also a great connection for parents who travel a lot for work and find themselves stuck in a hotel room for the evening …. log on and play with your child for a little bit, shorten the distance.  Divorced mom or dad who wants to connect when the kids are with the other parent, log on and spend some time together.

That’s all I have for today!  Josh and Papa Walt are making homemade pizza dough today for the very first time.  We’ve had a great time making and documenting our adventure so far today, can’t wait to share it with you in a future blog.  Success or failure, we’ll let you know how it goes!!

Have a great Saturday everyone, stay cool!!




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