Lots of Color With A Little Privacy Please…..

Happy Friday Everyone!!!  It is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day here in Michigan, picture perfect.  Are you ready for the weekend?  I know we are!!

Everyone knows that Walt and I love our backyard.  We have 100% privacy from the back thank to privacy hedges planted by the original owner, about 50% privacy on the south side and 0% privacy on the north side of the yard.  When I bought the house in the previous owners had not done any landscaping (flowers) in the yard except planting pine trees.  I guess this gave them the “Michigan Up North” feel.

The neighbors on the south side are a brother and sister (each close to 50), I’ll call them Rodney and Kimmy.  They lived with their elderly dad for many, many years, they inherited the house when their dad died a few years ago.

Their house does not have an attached garage so their garage sits next to our property line at the back of the property which means that the driveway runs all along that fence line and property line.  They use the little run between their garage and our fence to store their trash and recycle bins…..not a pretty sight and in the summer, the smell is horrible.  It’s in cans, but still, it’s not something I want to see

I hate to say it but the almost 50-year-old, never married, single guy, Rodney, thinks he is still 17.  He plays loud rock and roll music on a radio he keeps in the garage and he washes and waxes his car every other day (not joking).  When he is not washing his car (a black Trans Am)he is sitting in it in the driveway with the car radio blaring enjoying a few brews.  It is a little bizarre (at least to us it is) but we are used to it.

Kimmy is very nice,  she used to spend a lot of time away from the house until recently when she bought an Irish Setter who is growing a foot a day (ok, that may be an exaggeration, however he is almost as tall as me and he was a puppy when she got him a few months ago).  The setter loves Walt’s well taken care of lawn and it drives Walt crazy.  We chat with Kimmy more than we do Rodney.  My grandchildren love to go to her house on Halloween, she aways has something special just for them.

On the north side our neighbors are Tom and Margie, well just Margie now, Tom recently passed away.  I miss him, it just isn’t the same.  I miss my daily “Hey girly, what are you up to?” or “Hey young lady, does your husband ever stop?”  My grandchildren were very fond of Mr. Tom as they referred to him, he always stopped to talk with them, see how their day was going.

On their side of our yard we have just started pulling up grass and making room for flower beds.  I don’t really want to block off their yard, but last year they bought one of those really big pools, the rectangle one that sits up high off the ground.  Margie bought it last summer when Tom’s health started deteriorating, after he had to sell his boat and camper because he couldn’t go away from the house for long periods of time.  Margie’s hope was that the pool would give Tom something to do and give them the opportunity to have family over to hang out at the pool, entertaining family and friends.

As I write this I have to laugh out loud, I know each and every time those two went skinny dipping after dark, not because I could hear them or that I accidentally saw, it was because when I would see Tom in the yard the next day he would say “Hey girly, what are you up to?”  “I hope you and Walt didn’t hear anything last night, Margie and I went skinny dipping.”  Note here…Margie and Tom are in their late 70’s.  I say “hey, go for it!!”

Once the pool went in people were there every weekend, it was really nice.  The street was filled with cars, laughter coming over the fence.  It was a good thing.  Tom loved it and it made his days a little brighter.  Margie also bought Tom a dog, a Chiwawa, that little dog barks at the wind….a high pitched, never-ending bark.

The only frustration we had with the gatherings was the number of people who brought their dogs with them.  The dogs, out of their own environment, would come around the corner and bark at us on our patio until we couldn’t take it any more and had to come inside.  A few times a dog would wander out the their yard and into our yard and either start barking or stand there, they would come in through our garage so we couldn’t make our way into the house.  We have no idea whether the dog liked people or not so we were leery of trying to get around them.

I don’t want to offend anyone but seriously, if you have to take your dog with you and claim it’s because other people get to take their kids with them, then please, watch the dog.  When your dog is loud and barking its head off get off your behind and come over to see what all the noise is about.  You wouldn’t let your kid wander the neighborhood (at least I hope you wouldn’t), don’t let your dog.

The dogs are actually the reason I want to put up something that will grow tall enough along that fence to create a colorful buffer.  When I sit on my patio I want to know that I can have a little privacy.  When I’m in the yard with the grandchildren we can swim, play frisby, baseball, have water gun fights or do anything without driving the dog or dogs crazy.

So….in a never-ending effort to come up with ideas from anywhere, I found some on Pinterest and started a “For The Yard” board.  This is one of the photo’s I found and fell in love with, I thought “Wow how pretty, this might not add privacy but it sure did add another focal point and some color!!”  I pined it without ever clicking to see what the directions were, I figured why, all you have to do is buy bird house and paint them.  Should be simply enough.

This is the picture that I fell in love with, I repined via Donna-Zink

Pretty isn’t it?  So I went out and bought three birdhouses to get started.  I would like to do nine houses and would like them to all be different, we’ll see how it goes.  The blue, yellow and red one was my first one, the proto-type.  I started the pink one yesterday, it’ll be pink, purple with a bright yellow base.  The church is going to be Bahama Blue and Safron Yellow.  I’ll post photo’s of my progress every now and then.

My starting point….

It’s nice, I can sit on my patio and work, enjoying the weather and my backyard.  A great way to spend a few hours outside.

As I was finishing up the blue/yellow/red one I began to wonder if the crafter put any type of shellac on it and most important…..how did they get it into the ground, what post did they use.  Not really being able to tell how the crafter actually had sunk their houses into the ground I decided to log onto Pinterest and read up on how the original author did it. So, I clicked on my “repin,” clicked on the photo waiting patiently for the directions on how they did it to appear.  This is what I found……..

It’s a puzzle!!
Bird House Shutterbug Assortment 1000 piece puzzle from Lafayette Puzzle Company

Yes….another photo….in fact the same photo with a dozen or more other photo’s of PUZZLES!!!   There weren’t directions behind the pin at all….it was a link to a puzzle website.  I burst out laughing!!

This is why I should open all things, not just the recipes, that I want to repin, that way I’ll know exactly what I’m getting.  It really doesn’t matter though, it’s still a great idea and I (really Walt) will figure out how to get them in the ground.  Lesson learned!!

Enjoy your day!!!  Get out into the sunshine, I am!!


10 thoughts on “Lots of Color With A Little Privacy Please…..

    • Hi Joy, thank you and thanks for stopping by and commenting. I fell in love with the photo and the idea. I can be so predictable when it comes to color, I’m kind of “but black and white go so well together,” so working on my birdhouses and really forcing myself to paint them outside of my “normal color combination” zone has been fun and interesting!

  1. Wow what a great idea. I have loads of just blah birdhouses sitting around. Really neat idea. I think a trip to Hobby Lobby might be in the future.

    • Thanks for stopping by, I loved it when I saw it too. I’m off to Michaels this week, that’s where I bought the original 3, today I received an e-mail coupon for 25% off entire purchase all week. I never thought of looking at Hobby Lobby, I’ll have to do that too!

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