Fast Dinners vs. Fast Food

Do you have days when you just don’t feel like cooking?  Days when you say, “I don’t want to heat up the house.”  Or maybe “Let’s just get carry out, it’s quicker.”  We have days like that, days when I grocery shop, maybe have a fun day with the grandbabies or just plain don’t want to spend 30 minutes or more in the kitchen.  On those days it would be easy to say “Hey, let’s do fast food today.”

Unfortunately a trip to McDonald’s or Burger King for just Walt and I, with each ordering some type of “VALUE MEAL” will empty our wallet by about $15.00.  Just this past weekend we had Kaylee and Josh here and lots of things going on, it was one of those “lets just get fast food” kind of Saturday afternoons.  Papa Walt ran up to McDonald’s for one Big Mac Combo, two of their Chicken Strip Tender Meal Combo’s and one children’s Chicken McNugget Happy Meal.  He left $25.00 lighter!  We all know that fast food isn’t really good for us….the convenience, or perceived convenience seems to win every time.

Nikki (my daughter) is a wonderful cook, unfortunately she and her husband Eric are on crazy – opposite shifts.  They both get called in on their days off, days off get shifted due to employer needs.  In between all that, they juggle time for their beautiful baby boy lil E, spending time with him outside, taking him to the park, swimming in the pool with him and fitting in some time for each other.  So although Nikki cooks and grills a lot, they also do rely on Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, ect., because it’s quick and easy.

Nikki is not heavy, she has a little extra weight she would like to take off so this spring Nikki made a committment to cut out the fast food.  She lost 18 lbs in 5 weeks just from staying away from fast food.  Nikki didn’t exercise, she didn’t walk, it was simply no fast food and the pounds came off.  Three weeks ago Nikki and her friend Mandi started walking and Nikki has lost another 7 lbs. for a total of 25 lbs.  8 weeks and 25 lbs., I am so proud of her!!  At this rate Nikki is going to be a twig by the end of summer.

When I have days that I don’t want to spend time in the kitchen and I want a meal on the table fast when Walt gets home, I do cut corners!  A package of Rice Sides, A McCormick marinade, a can of green beans and a couple of steaks (I paid $7.48 for two steaks 1.24 lbs.) makes a delicious fast meal for about the same price as two meals from the fast food joints.

Put the steaks in the marinade early in the day.  When you’re ready to grill take them out, wipe/blot off the marinade *cuts down on burning) and let them sit for about 15 minutes.  Grill on direct heat for 3 minutes on each side, depending on how you like yours, rare, medium well done.

The rice takes 7 minutes to cook on the stove top, the green beans two-three minutes in the microwave.

If you don’t want the rice and green beans ….serve with a salad.

I know I would rather have this a couple times a week than a salty, greasy burger!!  ENJOY!!!

All It Takes Is This…….


Grill direct heat 3 minutes each side


Enjoy this…..instead of a fast food burger!!







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