Tuesday’s Tidbits And Exploration Finds……..

It is a beautiful day in Michigan it’s hot, it’s humid, it’s sunny and I love it.  Sorry to all those who hate the heat, I am just one of those people who love it hot.  My only regret is that it rained so hard yesterday afternoon everything is drenched so I have no reason to hook up Walt’s mist hoses and pretend that I am moving them around.  But that’s ok, I’m good with this, it is so much better than the cold and snow!

I have finally caught up on my reading, yea!!  I really missed out on some really great writing.  I have also started to venture into other categories to see just what’s out there in this great big world of blogging.  In just the last few days I’ve found many new blogs to follow, my favorites of the last few days are “mypenandme,” love reading her poetry.  Then I found the “virginianplantation,” I am following their journey into the world of Bed & Breakfast owners.  And last but certainly not least is “Coco J. Ginger,” this young lady is talented and refreshing, I love reading her entries.  Please, if you’ve not found these blogs and they are not on your list of “must read blogs,” find them, take a peek, you won’t be disappointed.

As I rustle through new categories and find amazing writers, I find that I am drawn to original works more than reproductions.  Blogs that the author has actually penned and has not cut and pasted an entry together from an internet search.  I also found out that it’s a good thing to make note that any photo’s or work on your blog are your own and cannot be reproduced without permission.

Although I do like Pinterest, through my reading I’ve learned that Pinterest is proving to be a playground for plagiarism, people taking recipes and photo’s and posting them as their original work.  I’m not talking about “Repin,” I’m talking about people who actually write a blog with someone elses work and then “Pin” it to Pinterest.  It has not happened to me, but trust me I’ll know if I ever see my kitchen in someone elses blog on Pinterest.

Plagiarism, as far as someone taking my work as their own, was just one of those things I didn’t think about when I entered the world of blogging.  My only concern at the beginning of my blogging experience and even now is that I give credit where credit was due.  Making sure that any recipe I take from anywhere I give credit to the author, the site, the company, that I always acknowledge where it comes from and I share the link to that site.

My writing is just rambling about our little family adventures….ok, so maybe some of them are misadventures, silly stories about life in our little part of the world, our world.  However, there are alot of  talented people here who create beautiful stories and poems, they take beautiful photo’s.  How sad would it be for someone to claim them as their own?  It would be horrible!

So…..those are the things I’ve learned while catching up with my reading and That’s about it for my little tidbits for today.

Last night we had spaghetti with meat sauce and a garden salad for dinner.  Since I have already posted that recipe in a previous blog I will share with you the wine we had with dinner.  We uncorked a bottle of wine Walt got for Father’s Day, it was pretty good.

Feudo di San Nicola

This a ruby-red wine from Italy, it goes down warm with a little liquorice after-taste.  You can detect by smell and taste, plums, cherries and spices.

The alcohol level for this wine is 13.5%.  Depending on where you look, 13.5% can be the top end of “moderately high” or the low-end of “High”  alcohol content.

You decide where it should fall, I got sleepy after one glass so we didn’t have one of those nghts where we sat up all night talking while drinking cheap bottles of wine.  I fell asleep early and this bottle sells for around $18.00 at our wine shop.

Have a great Tuesday!!!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tidbits And Exploration Finds……..

  1. Hi. Thank you for liking my post and following my blog. I really appreciate it! Like you, a main concern of mine has always been to give credit where credit is due. As for Pinterest, I’ve never seen that happen…but I will be keeping an eye out. The wine sounds delicious. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

    • Hi thanks for stopping by and commenting on Tuesday’s Tidbits and Explorations. I didn’t think about it either until someone called out a blogger about not using her own photo and about how horrible it was that people write about food and don’t show actual photo’s of what they create good or bad. When the blogger replied, she said that someone else had written a blog about the same recipe and used her photo’s. LOL, you can tell my photo’s are amature, no question there that they are mine, I just don’t want anyone else to take credit for it and if they use it they should note it’s my photo. We’ll be checking in to see what you’re up too!! Happy blogging!!

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