In Honor of Father’s Day…….

Happy Father’s Day family, friends and fellow bloggers!!

Before I do a roll-call of the amazing men in my life that I would like to honor today, I need to pay tribute to the person who is really the reason why we are all here today……. My Mom.

My mom is beautiful both inside and out.  I was not blogging in May and missed Mother’s Day and the opportunity to tell everyone just how wonderful she is.  Mom is one of those people behind the scenes, the one who always seems to support without anyone else ever knowing.  She never wants a “Thank You,” if her mission is discovered or found out, she does not want any accolades.  Mom has supported us all in anything we’ve wanted to do or try.  She is always proud of our accomplishments no matter how big or small.  Mom is the peace-maker, she will always be the one to make sure everyone can see all sides.  Although little, Mom is a gentle giant with an enormously big heart.


I have to start out by saying Thank You to my mom.  If Mom would not have met and fallen in love with our Dad


none of us would be here or nor would we be the people we are.  Dad is truly the Patriarch of our family but not in a medieval sort of way.  Growing up our father was a role model, by his actions we learned to love and respect, learned that hard work pays off, that your word and reputation are invaluable.  We learned how to be individuals and how to have a voice, that holding a grudge or being envious serves no purpose.  Everyday he shows us that marriage is partnership and not a dictatorship, it is not hard to see the love he has for our mother in his eyes and his actions.  Most of all he has taught us that family is everything and home is the one place you can always come back to.


My mom also played an important role in Walt and I reuniting 9 years ago.  If she literally would not have pushed me out of the car in the parking lot that day……Walt and I probably would not have found ourselves where we are today.  So Thanks Mom!!

There are so many things I can say about Papa Walt….I love you.  In our almost 9 years together you have shown me that there really are men in world like my dad.  Men who put family first before their own wants and needs.  You let me be me, you’ve taught me to trust.  Whether I’m in sweats and a sweatshirt or dressed for a night on the town, you always make me feel beautiful and special.

You first came into John and Nikki’s lives while they were in their late teens and made an immediate connection with them.  When we went our separate ways for a while they felt that loss.  I thank God everyday that Nikki read the paper that April day in 2003, if it weren’t for Nikki reading the paper and mom shoving me out of the car, we could both be leading different lives.  Who knew that 7 months after all of that, that John and Nikki would stand witness to our marriage.

You are more than a “Step-Dad.”  When Nikki or John are in need you have never, ever said, “We can’t do that….”  They always come first, you’ll always find a way.  Just like my dad, family is important to you and the kids and grandbabies always comes first.   You can’t tell me “NO” you spoil me, but I’m onto you now…’ve learned how to get me to talk myself out of a few things just so you don’t have to say “NO.”  I’m on to you now, it’s not going to be so easy – LOL.

Our grandchildren adore you… have a great relationship with each one of them.  They have no doubt of your love for them, you are their “Papa,” their “buddy,” you are their “best friend.”  You encourage their creativity, you give them space to be who they are always standing in the wings to catch them if they fall.

I fall in love with you all over again when I hear you with the our grandbabies.  Whether it’s playing video games, cutting the grass, playing Barbie, or making up songs you think (in your mind) should be the next great hit of Nicholodean…..a grown man who is not afraid to met his grandbabies on their level.  Thank you for that too!!

Now to my son John….HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!  I am proud of you. 

You’ve had a rough go it for the last four years, most of it brought on by yourself, but you know that.  You’re making a comeback, you’ve learned what is truly important in life and are doing everything in your power to make things right.  You can’t control what other people think or feel, actions speak louder than words.  You can’t change the past so keep moving your life forward.  If you look back, don’t ponder what could have been, you can’t change it…..focus on where you want your life to take you always surround yourself with people who have your best interests at heart.  You control your destiny, we are all here to support you.

Joshua loves you… continue to cement that bond and create memories.  I am proud of you for knowing when to be a “daddy” and when to be a “friend.”  I know it’s not easy to live so far apart, just remember, it’s not the amount of time you spend together, it’s the quality of the time you spend with him.  Kaylee is still little, she doesn’t have memories of how things were before, continue to give her time, she’ll come around.


Last but not least….my son-in-law Eric.  We really have to take more pictures of you, this one is just going to have to do for now…..


You and I had kind of rough start didn’t we?  But we have two people, Nikki and Eric, who mean the world to both of us.  You are a great daddy.  From the day Eric was born you slipped right into the role of “Daddy” like you had been doing it forever and I had front row seats, so I know this to be true.

I watched you in that hospital room the night Eric was born and while staying with you, Nikki and Eric when Nikki and lil E came home from the hospital.  You were amazing, feeding, changing, rocking, walking, singing, it was like this was your third child, not your first, it all came so naturally.

Little E loves his daddy and wants to do everything you do….LOL, that’s why he thinks at 3.5 years old he needs a wife, because you have one, his momma.  Crazy schedules make it hard to have normal lives, somehow you and Nikki seem to juggle it all creating time and memories for Eric.

So that’s my role call… “Father’s Day” shout outs!!    Hope all the men out there who have made a positive impact on a child’s life, whether you’re related or not, have a fantisic “Father’s Day!!”



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