Recipe For The Best Day Ever…….

Hello family, friends and fellow bloggers…..

I am blessed, I know that I am.  Is my little family perfect?  No, not by a long shot.  As adults, we don’t always agree, sometimes we argue, sometimes feelings get hurt, sometimes there are misunderstandings.  We make up, we forgive, and we forget because in the end, family is what really counts, family and the ties that bind are really what’s important.

We are family……..

There is one thing that I know without fail……there are three little people who make life worthwhile and everything else seem trivial……My grandchildren, Lil E…..Joshua…..Kaylee.

So here is my recipe FOR THE BEST DAY EVER!  We had it on Saturday………………Priceless!

One Hot Saturday Afternoon


Hot Dogs & Buns

Chips n Cheetos’


A backyard

A little pool

Several squirt guns

 A beach ball

Lots of love

*Photo’s are property of N. Rezich, copying, reprinting, reposting, or forwarding of photo’s not permitted. 


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