“Sitting Up All Night Talking……..Drinking Cheap Bottles of Wine”

Hello family, friends and fellow bloggers.  Happy Wednesday…..for us it really is, how do is it said?….”Over the hump day.”  As I sit her on the patio writing Walt has exactly 2.5 days left before his weekend begins.

As most of you who read my blog know, I have been out of work now for almost a year, right now there is no end in sight.  I read an article on CNN:

G-7: We’re watching Europe’s debt crisis

By Chris Isidore @CNNMoney  June 5, 2012: 10:54 AM ET

The following really got to me:

“Last week, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said that the configuration of the euro will become “unsustainable” if policymakers do not take action. World financial markets have been focused on the European sovereign debt crisis, fearing it could spread a recession to other major economies, including the United States.”   

It could spread a recession which could include the United States?  What are we in right now?  Michigan’s last reported unemployment rate was 8.3 in April of this year, Michigan politicians quickly patting themselves on the back announcing that the number had dropped, people are going back to work.  Who?  Not anyone I know.  And there are still four houses on my street that recently posted bank notes in the window…..how did that happen?

Ok, it’s better than the 9% it was at one time but what they fail to mention is that the numbers drop not because people are working….it’s because people are no longer collecting benefits and therefore there is no way to track them, because they are out of the system.  We may no longer be at 9%, but I will bet that we are not at 8.3% either.

Today, Michigan Talent Bank posts that there are a 88, 060 jobs on their website in Michigan……there are 780,769 resumes on file.  Do the math…even if everyone with a resume was lucky enough to land one of those jobs that would still leave 692,709 people without a job.

Keep in mind that I do realize some people who post their resume on the Talent Bank are not unemployed and are looking for a new position.  But I would venture to guess that for every one of the “already working but hey I’m looking” there are two people who are unemployed who don’t have a resume posted on the Talent Bank.  I don’t think you can trust the numbers.

When you have a Talent Bank account, there is a counter that shows how many times your resume was found by employers and how many times it was reviewed.  Each Monday I reset this counter (even though they suggest you don’t reset…hey what can I say, I’m a glutton for job search rejection), on Monday it showed that my resume was found 14 times and reviewed once last week.  Sad, sad, sad.

I find this amusing too….there are two jobs that keep coming up as a new posting, one is for a Recruiter and the other is for a Personnel Manager (haven’t heard that term since the 70’s), the job descriptions on each read like my resume.  I have applied to each of them each time the new posting comes up.  NOTHING!  Nada….no “sorry you’re resume looks great we’re going in another direction”….no “sorry we’ve filled it” …………NOTHING! (HR Etiquette 101 will be covered in another blog posting).  These jobs appeared last week yet AGAIN, as a newly posted position and I won’t be surprised when they pop up again in July as a new posting.

I know what the issues are, the challenges I face.  Age, titles, salaries.

I don’t have to be a Manager….in fact as time goes on, I don’t want to be the boss any more a title is no longer important to me, I don’t need to climb the corporate ladder.  I would be happy, ecstatic actually, to be the Receptionist, (I have applied for many), smiling and greeting clients, passing out visitor badges, making sure supply cabinets are full, working on projects, making sure appointments are kept.  I can be an accounting clerk, open mail, match invoices, input data.  There are lots of things I can do if only given the opportunity.  I don’t have to lead, I can be a great follower who doesn’t need a lot of direction or attention.

Yesterday’s dismal job and economy news was the topic of Walt’s and my conversation last night.  Discussing what our/my job prospects are and aren’t, where we stand financially, what we should do, how should we handle things, all things we talk about often.

We are luckier than most, I know that, I am grateful for that, we always have a plan, we think alike on saving, investing (ok, so maybe I’m a little more of a risk taker on investments) and our future.  But we are not in our 30’s, we are closer to retirement than we are to building or starting a new career, and these are the concerns and issues we have to take into serious consideration.

So as The Script sings in their song (“FOR THE FIRST TIME”) about unemployment and a relationship…………. Oh these times are hard, yea they’re making us crazy…. but we’re gonna start by drinking old cheap bottles of wine, sitting up talking all night …. both knowing how we’re gonna make it work.

And that’s exaclty what we did last night….we sat up till the wee hours of the morning, talking over a bottle of wine. Our wine of choice last night………

2010 Central Coast
Cupcake Veneyards
Cabernet Sauvignon


For a $10.00 bottle of wine it was not bad at all.  You can taste the blackberry, cherry and the oak, a hint spicy.  The oak was not over-powering, very subtle.  Walt can drink wine that is so oak heavy you think your drinking tree bark, so when he brought this home and it said “Oak” I was just a tad leary.

Personal Note:  I love wine, I am a wine drinker…..I am not a DRINKER.  I am usually a one wine glass of wine kind of gal, two makes me giggly and three, well, let’s just say at three I’m silly.  Having stated that, I had several (leave it at several friends and family ok – lol), and was pleasantly surprised that I did not wake up with a headache this morning.

Until the next time friends, family and fellow bloggers………enjoy your Wednesday!




4 thoughts on ““Sitting Up All Night Talking……..Drinking Cheap Bottles of Wine”

  1. God Bless you Nancy! I’ve had this same rant with several people over wine (we’ll get to that in a minute!). With Rob trying to hire people for his new business here in California it’s amazing how many resumes he gets from CNA’s and upper management people for a cleaning position. Now, I understand in this economy that everyone is looking for a job, but the truth is THEY’RE NOT! They are just working the system applying for the minimum number of jobs they need to collect their unemployment. SICK! We call and call for interviews and the phone numbers are not valid or no one ever calls back. Then people show up and walk off the job saying “they don’t want to do this…”!! Crazy!! He’s working a “real” job needing “real” people to clean and no one will do it! Then they sit back and complain about how the unemployment rates are so high and “what’s wrong with America?” Well I say “what’s wrong with Americans!!”. For Pete’s sake, you need a job, he needs you to work it should be a no-brainer yet he’s working 15 hours a day to get the jobs done with hardly any help! I actually brought him dinner during a big painting job last month and have gone to help him paint and clean just to see him and make sure he’s ok! Then, on the flip-side, I’m like you applying and applying for jobs that say “entry level” legal assistant (I have my associates in paralegal studies) and they want a bachelors degree, 5 years experience and pay is $10/hr! Are you kidding me with this!? How the hell am I supposed to get experience if I can’t even be a file clerk!? It’s maddening! The workers are getting lazier and the employers are getting tougher and that leaves a huge void in America. Something should be done to meet in the middle and that’s the CHANGE that will bring America back. Until then…I guess we drink our wine!

    On that note…Menage a trois red wine or any pinot noir are my favorite way to sit and relax. Luckily we are in the heart of wine country so there’s a lot of research I need to conduct ;)!

    Hang in there, don’t let them break your spirit, good things come to those who are patient and I believe great things come when we ‘wine’ a little 😉


    • Hi Tiff, I do know exactly what Rob is going through, it’s tough hiring people, good people….there are a lot of people who are over qualified and they do apply because something, anything, is better than nothing when you are trying to pay the bills and put food on the table. I agree as well, there are people who are only skimming the system, I’ve interviewed them and am amazed that they would come right out and say that if they took an entry level job it would jeopardize their benefits. But also know that there are more people willing to do anything to survive, anything to retrain in a new career, people who are willing to start from the ground up all over again…..just for chance to work, to feel productive. I know Rob doesn’t want a revolving door of employees, but sometimes those that are over qualified can actually be the hungriest and hardest working….they turn out to be the most dedicated employees.

      I hear your frustration as well….what is considered “entry level?” In my opinion your education and background would make you a great candidate for an entry level position. The key words are “entry level” if they can hire someone in at this level, with more experience than is really needed at $10.00/hour, then it’s a win/win situation for them. They have a candidate who is capable of doing more, less training is involved and they use the title to pay less. Unfortunately it happens all the time, more for less, it’s just how things are right now. I hope your job search brings something your way soon.

      I was invited to attend a Career Forum tomorrow through Michigan Works. The forum is supposed to be a workshop designed for people who have demonstrated job readiness…..you have a professional resume, you can job search using means other than career boards, etc; you have the ability to be comfortable in an interview. My understanding is that we’ll talk about the roadblocks and challenges we are facing. When I asked the lady for some statistics on the success of candidates re-entering the workforce after attending this forum, she looked at me like I had caught her off guard with my question and said there was no data. How do you not collect data? My hope is that I am not wasting my time, at the very least it will be an outlet to network with others in the same situation.

      It’s funny you bring up wine country…..when you first posted that you, Rob and the girls were moving to California, the very first thing I said to Walt was “Awe..I am so jealous, they are going to close to all that wine!!”

      When we both land a job we’ll Skype with a glass of wine and celebrate!!

      Love to all……..

  2. Excellently written, as usual, Grandma Nancy and if I didn’t share in your same frustrations, I’m sure I could still feel them through this post. We have got to get America back among the good times. And on a sidenote: How awesome is it that you and Walt still talk through the night over a good bottle of wine? I admire you both and your marriage! 🙂

    • Hi Jill, you are so sweet, thank you so much for the compliment on both my writing and marriage. We have only been married 9 years, second for me..first for Walt yet it feels like it’s been forever (in a good way, like your favorite comfy pj’s kind of way). We’ve had our challenges just like any marriage, but I have to say it works because we’re partners….as Walt always says, “it’s all about Rezich Incorporated.” We agrue, we pout, then somehow it turns into a funny story. We have a great love story, we almost didn’t end up together, maybe I will share it in my blog one day.

      I agree, we do have to get America back into the good times. It may not be as good as it once was, it doesn’t have to be two new cars in the driveway, a cabin in the woods…..let’s bring jobs back home and put people back to work, the rest will fall into place.

      Take care for now my blogging friend!!!

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