Saying Goodbye To Another Great Captain……….

Hello family, friends and fellow bloggers……….just one more day then the weekend will be upon us. It’s an overcast, cool day in Michigan, they say that we will be getting some pretty severe weather later tonight and tomorrow but we all know they have been known to be wrong.

I procrastinated today, put off going grocery shopping until 4:00 p.m., I wasn’t going to go today but with my luck if I did wait until tomorrow the rain really would arrive and I’d be stuck going in the rain.  I’d rather stay home and watch it out the window, do some laundry, catch up on a project I’m working on, just putz in general.  So off I went to Meijer and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it wasn’t that crowded.  Even the cashier was surprised.

I don’t have a lot today, as a hockey fan, it’s an emotional day here in Michigan ……….Nicklas Lidstrom has decided to retire after 20 years with the Detroit Red Wings, we lose another loved and respected Captain.  20 years…..that’s a long time with one organization, in 2006 with the changes in the NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement, Nicklas could have left the Red Wings for more money but he decided to stay with the Red Wings and make the Detroit Red Wings his career and Michigan his home.

Joining the Red Wings at 21, Nicklas was a kid, a baby but he quickly became one of our own.  Named best defense men seven times, Nick helped the Wings take four Stanley Cups during his career and played in many playoffs.  Nick has been MVP and made it to twelve all-star games.  Nicklas Lidstrom truly is one of the best.

So Nicklas Lidstrom, from me to you……….Thanks for all the years of great hockey and remember, even if you do decide to return to Sweden, you will always have a place in the hearts of Michigan hockey fans!!  It’s been a great ride, we will miss you but we wish you well.


Photo copied from Wikipedia


2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye To Another Great Captain……….

  1. Hi Tiff, I know…’s so sad, but it takes a smart man to admit that he just can’t give his all and knows it’s time to say goodbye. I love that Rob is still a Wings fan!!

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