Happy Birthday Papa Walt!!




 Today is Walt’s birthday…..these are the days when I am less than thrilled about his work schedule.  I wish he was home so we could celebrate his day.  Papa’s cell phone rang off the hook this morning with calls from his sisters, Nikki and John both sent text messages and little E sent Papa the cutest Birthday video that touched his heart.

Over the weekend Josh asked if I would put together a candy basket for papa that was just from the grandchildren.  Originally Josh wanted to take it to Papa’s work, which was the game plan for today, but when I told Josh that we probably would not get past security and would probably have to leave the basket with the guard, Josh decided that he would like to come over when Papa gets home later tonight and give it to him in person.  Papa will be so surprised and thrilled when Josh is here and when he see’s his goodie basket.  Since Josh and Kaylee only live a few blocks away, it’s easy to pull these late night visists off.

Grandbabies Surprise For Papa


I am making Walt his favorite meal for dinner…..stuffed cabbage (tomorrows blog).  Walt loves them and is looking forward to coming home for dinner.

So that’s it for today…………….

Happy Birthday Papa…..I thank God everyday that Mom pushed me out of the car that day (yes she did)………..had she not, we probably wouldn’t have reconnected and our lives, once again, would have taken us down different paths.  I am looking forward to celebrating many more of your birthday’s together!!






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