Papa Says…..”Baby Back Ribs!?!”

Hello family, friends and fellow bloggers!!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Our weekend was pretty good.  Josh and Kaylee were here on Saturday, Kaylee and I colored and made pictures using stencils, papa and Josh played video games.  Josh spent the night Saturday but had to be home early on Sunday he was hosting a Wrestlemania party for 8 of his friends Sunday night and he had to help his mom and Mio get everything ready.

God bless my former daughter-in-law Cindy and her mom, Mio…..8 boys at the age of 8 watching wrestling and sleeping over.  Brave ladies they are!!  I know several of the boys from Joshua’s school, scouts and his class and I have to say they are always well-mannered so I have no doubt that they were on their best behavior.  Josh had planned all sorts of foods and snacks renaming them with a wresting theme………tomato “Edges,”  “Strong Man Cheese Balls”….. you get the idea.  I hear they all had a great time.

Walt’s birthday is tomorrow (Tuesday) and since he has such a crazy work schedule my mom and dad came by yesterday morning to wish him a happy birthday.  One of the things they gave him was a Stainless Steel BBQ set…….let me tell you, if Walt opened up the case once, he opened it up 50 times yesterday.  The opening and closing of the case led to many noteworthy comments:

I think it’s time to start grilling more.” (Hmmm…..maybe my cooking slump has help on the way)

I think I’ll start to open up the patio.”  (Walt generally does not open the patio until mid to late May)

I know you had Ravioli planned for dinner but would it throw you off if we grilled some steaks instead?”

You told me your mom and dad didn’t like corn on the cob, see, they like it (because he asked them)….I have so many grilled corn recipes we can try this summer and use the corn holders.” (I have four other sets of corn holders in the drawer, the new ones sparked a need for corn on the grill).

I’m going to start going through my recipes and checking spices, make sure we have what we need, make a list of what you’ll need to pick up for me.”  (Yes, during grill season Walt plans, I shop, it’s ok though, the end result is awesome and I get to eat it!)

If you have been following my blog over the last week, you will appreciate why this is my favorite and I crack up every time I think of Walt saying it……….

We need to make some baby back ribs….last year we talked about trying a couple new sauces…..we should do that soon.”  (REALLY????….cause we haven’t had pork in a while).

I am not going to tease him though, Walt makes the most awesome baby back ribs, I don’t want to risk teasing him about the pork and have him not make the ribs.  Walt is like a mad scientist when he grills……everything set out, timed and monitored.  We tease just a little, but seriously, I don’t care what he does or how he does it, he can be a high maintenance grill master……a little high strung….but everything he makes is fantastic, we all wait for summer and Walt’s bbq, no matter what he’s grilling.  Even the person who generally only eat one hamburger will at least eat two of Walt’s fromt he grill.
Keep in mind this is not Walt’s first BBQ set, it’s probably his 4th or 5th……but it’s new, and it’s shiny and as soon as Walt opened it he was like a little kid with a new toy who can’t wait to try it out.  It actually is working in my favor, I hate waiting until May to open the patio, I’m looking forward to having my table and chairs unwrapped and ready for use.

Last night Walt grilled steaks to replace my Ravioi…….Walt is hesitant to let me share his timing, he is afraid of variables in weight of the steaks, temperature of the grill.  So, I’ll share with you what Walt did, you can adjust according to your taste and preference.

These steaks were so tender, you could cut them with a fork.

Marinated T-Bone Steaks 

Marinaded T-Bone Steak w/Mashed Potatoes and Caesar Salad


2 –                   .65 lb. T-Bone Steaks

1 Pkt.               McCormick Grill Mates Brown Sugar Bourbon Marinade


Mix marinade according to package directions

Place Steaks in glass dish or zip lock bag

Pour marinade over steaks

Seal bag or cover dish with plastic wrap

Refrigerate 4 hours

Remove steaks from marinade….with paper towel mop off excess marinade from steaks


Grill each steak 4 minutes each side

Remove and let rest a few minutes

Serve with mashed or baked potato and a salad.










6 thoughts on “Papa Says…..”Baby Back Ribs!?!”

  1. Nancy, the best grilled corn recipe is not recipe. Peel back a few pieces of the husk and put the corn on the grill. Turn as needed. When done peel back the remaining husk and butter. That is it. Don’t soak in water, don’t smother in mayo. Sooooooo yummy. This is the way my Grandma made it for years.

    • Hi Robin, thanks for stopping by. That’s the way Walt usually does it and we love it that way, however he has found a few ideas that include parmesean cheese, and other little add ons. This will be an interesting summer!!

  2. Once again, I find myself, completely, totally, 100% with Walt on this one!

    Here in Tucson, of course, we grill year-round, since it’s a warm-weather city…

    • LOL….why am I not surprised you guys agree. Oh, and we know about you AZ people LOL… sister lives in AZ and makes it a point to let us know when she has the windows open while we digging ourselves out of a foot of snow!

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