Follow Up Friday…..

It’s Friday… joy comes not in the knowledge that it’s the end of the work week for me (I am still not back to work), it’s knowing that Walt will be home for two days, there will more than likely be grandbabies hanging out with us, and for us it’s two days of just kicking back.  We generally try to get everything done during the week so we don’t have to, unless we want to, leave the house.

The weather here is less than desirable for a weekend…’s cold and it’s raining (including thunder, sleet and hail).  Since my little buddy Lil E was with me yesterday, I decided to do grocery shopping today instead of yesterday….in hindsite I see the error of my ways.   Wednesday was gorgeous, I should have gone then.

I can’t complain though, I waited until the hail stopped then went to the bank and on to the grocery store.  I must have done something good today….someone is watching out for me.  About 5 minutes into my shopping spree I heard the rumble of thunder then rain hitting the roof.  All I could think of was how drenched the groceries and I would get when I was done.  Fortunately it stopped raining just before I left the store, a lucky break I would say.  As I pulled into the garage and hit the door open to close it, buckets of rain started coming down.

Shopping done, groceries put away, I am ready to settle in, write a few quick words and start my weekend.

So onto “Follow Up Friday.”


  • In the directions for “Thrown Together Pork Chops” I failed to note that you add the grated parmesan to the bread crumbs!


Since I generally write my blog while Walt is at work, he wasn’t aware that yesterday’s blog was going to be about him.  He laughed out loud as I read it to him and said he didn’t remember giving me permission to quote him.  I told him that I thought it was kind of like tape recording a conversation, I think you only need one of involved persons permission to post ………. so I gave my permission to write about our conversation.  Walt is a good sport.

Want to hear something even funnier???  On our local news website today there is an article stating that you can purchase a bacon decorated coffin.  Yes, it’s true, for $2,999.95 bacon lovers everywhere can have eternal rest in a bacon decorated casket lined with bacon scented air freshener.  I think I can say, without reservation, that this is the strangest thing I have read about thus far in my life.  Follow this link to read more:

What would you do with $640M??

Last but not least ……….the $640M Lotto Jackpot.  Yes, we have tickets….we generally do not play the lotto but we did purchase a couple of tickets.  Let’s face it, all you need is one right….the right one with the right numbers.  We have talked about what we would do if we were lucky enough to win, first and foremost for ourselves…not too much.  We wouldn’t move, I like my little house.  We would pay off our mortgage and car loans.

We would help the kids …… start by buying Nikki & Eric a new house or pay off their mortgage which ever they would like.

We would buy John a house so he can get out of the apartment and hopefully bring him closer to home.

Our grandchildren would be set for life……..whatever they need.

We would do some things for our parents…..make life just a little bit sweeter for them in retirement.  My parents would be just a little bit of a challenge, they have a good life, they are great people, they live life not wanting or needing bells and whistles to make their lives better, they are happy as they are  but I am sure I could find something to make it just a little bit better.

Walt’s dad gets so frustrated that his cars have been taken away (for his own safety as well as everyone else on the road), I think I’d like to hire a driver for him so he could go where ever he wanted, whenever he wants, give him back some of his freedom, at 80 he deserves the right to come and go as he pleases, to walk around ACO (his favorite store), to go to Meijer or maybe to West Virginia to see his brothers.

I think maybe Walt and I would travel a little bit…..First to Colorado to see Tina and Ken (before she disown’s me), then onto Arizona to see my sister Lee, nephew Derek and his family.  We’d whisk Lee off with us as we make our way to San Jose to see Rob, Tiff and the girls.  Afterward Walt and I would spend some time in Paris with Teresa, then onto Tuscany.

If I won just enough of the $640M to accomplish those things……I would be a happy person.

Of course there are a few more things on our list, but these are a good start.

What would you do with $640M???

Well that’s about it for today………I have decided that I am not going to try to blog on the weekends.  Weekends are for family and hanging out…….hope you have a great one!

Have a great weekend ……chat with you all next week!!!


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