Getting Back on Track……

Hello family, friends and fellow bloggers.

I know, I know…..last week I said that I was back and ready to get back into things and now…..a week and a few days later I am finally getting back on track.  I don’t know what happened, maybe it was just getting out of that routine of writing, perhaps it was spending time trying to start my on-line business, or possibly due to catching up with things left undone because I was sick and, well maybe….probably……..OK YES…..the weather was just too darn nice to be inside writing and our patio isn’t open yet so I couldn’t take the lap top outside to write!!!

But my mom…..hi mom,


 lovingly pointed out to me yesterday that she has been looking daily for my latest post only to find that yet again…….there is nothing.  So….even at my age, I don’t want to disappoint mom so I am making a committment to get back on track.

Lots of things have gone on since my last post, I had a birthday and it was awesome.  There were phone calls, texts, Facebook birthday wishes and a fresh flower delivery from Joshua and Kaylee (their mom and Mio too!).  My parents took me to lunch and then we hung out and did some shopping.  I love hanging out with  my parents it’s always an adventure, something funny or amusing always seems to happen.

After lunch and shopping Nikki and lil E came by with a miniature rose plant, they took me out for ice cream and then we spent the rest the day outside and enjoyed the 85 degree temperatures and sunshine.  That little guy is like the engergizer bunny…..Lil E just keeps going and going and going until the ride home when he was fast asleep before they made it a mile.  It was a beautiful day and we had a great time……….

For a while now I have also been working on developing a web site for my gift baskets, I’ve been really hitting it hard the last couple of weeks.  It’s almost done, I just have a few more ideas for baskets that I want to put together and include them prior to launching the site.  This process of course hasn’t been without bumps or challenges of course, they lured me in with “FREE” but as I progress on developement of my site I have discovered that it will indeed cost me a monthly fee.  Even with all the planning and development of a marketing plan, it’s still quite scary and I find I am holding my breath as I get closer and closer to hitting the “Publish” button.  But I’ll never know unless I try…….and if I don’t try I will always wonder how things would have turned out…… so I am going to proceed.

I love Joshua’s school, for a public school they do a lot….and I do mean a lot…..of family oriented programs.  Friday night they hosted a “Family Art Night.”  They had a professional illustrator who held several, small group illustration workshops.  He showed us how to make cartoon characters, it was awesome, I will no longer draw stick people!!

The illustrator drew a few examples on the board, and then had the group practice at our desks making multiple characters.  I knew Josh could draw (yes….better than grandma), Josh drew a FedEx truck last summer that looked so much like an actual FedEx Ground truck, the managers at the FedEx hub could not believe how detailed it was for a 7 year old.  Grandma on the other hand is still (or at least I was until Friday night) in the stick people category.

After we practiced at our desks, the illustrator invited a few kids up to the board to work on a character together.  Our Joshie was one of the lucky ones….here he is adding his touch to “Hi-Top.”  It was a great night, we had a great time!!  I love that I am asked to take part in these little outings.

Joshua adding his touch to the group character!

 The rest of the weekend was perfect, Josh spent the entire weekend, John surprised Josh with a visit Sunday, John drove down to spend the day with Josh and arrive in time for breakfast.  They spent their day playing board games and then went outside to play baseball.  It is awesome watching them together.

So that brings us to today……..the house smells of garlic and onions, I am making my spaghetti sauce for dinner and Dancing With The Stars is on TV.  I have to say DWTS is one of my TV weaknesses, mostly because of Max….yes, this granny loves the bad boy.  I think that right out of the gate Max and Melissa are getting scores they don’t deserve, I think the judges are trying to provoke Max hopefully he will keep his cool.  On a good note they just announced that Melissa and Max are safe so in the world of DWTS all is good, they are my first choice to win.  My two other favorites are the Opera singer Katherine Jenkins, who would have guessed she could dance, and Gavin DeGraw, I love the little shy thing he has going on.  I think Maria Menounos is pretty good too.  Interestng little group this time around.

Since I have already shared my spaghetti sauce recipe with you tonight I am going to give you a great idea for a quick fix when you have 30 minutes or less to get dinner on the table.  All you need is a store bought rotisserie chicken and a bottle of Famous Dave’s Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce.  withe these simple ingredients along with the cole slaw recipe I shared with you a few weeks ago or even store bought deli cole slaw, you can make the most awesome BBQ chicken sandwiches with coleslaw in under 30 minutes!



1             Rotisserie Chicken – Meat pulled

1             Bottle Famous Dave’s Sweet n Spicy BBQ Sauce

               Cole Slaw

               Sandwich Buns


Pull chicken from bone

Place chicken in pan

Add enough BBQ Sauce to saturate chicken

Mix shredded chicken with BBQ sauce - Heat until warm

Heat until warm

Cover bottom of sandwich roll with cole slaw

Add bbq chicken mixture on top of coleslaw

Add top of sandwhich roll




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