Happy Birthday Joshua – You’re 8!!!

Joshua's 8th Birthday


Our Joshua turned 8 this week!!  When I look at this photo I can still see my baby hidden inside the boy that 8 has already begun to transform him into.  Where does time go?  Why does it have to go by so quickly??   I am sure that this next year will bring lots of fun, interesting and exciting things our way.

Even though some of Joshua’s interests are changing, he’s spending more time with school friends, he has developed a new found love of sports….any sport….all sports and he is becoming independent….doing more things on his own, Josh still remembers that grandma needs him to curl up in my chair with me to watch a movie or play pogo together, that I love it when he gives me a hug just because he’s passing by and that grandma still need to be the one to pour his blue juice.

We had a nice family celebration at our house with pizza (Joshua’s favorite food) and of course a wrestling theme cake!

A good time was had by all……….


Busia and Uncle Greg

Great Uncle Bob
Great Grandma Fern



Great Grandma Fern
Uncle Greg


Time to cut the cake!


Papa Walt


Josh with his birthday basket

Let's Celebrate!!




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