Magnificent Mardi Gras Gathering In Ferndale

Hello everyone hope your Mardi Gras was as fun and tasty as ours was.  We celebrated Mardi Gras at the annual “Taste of Ferndale” hosted by the Ferndale Community Foundation.  The Foundation grants money to various local groups and organizations for projects and community growth programs.  The Board members and volunteers of this great organizations are very driven and dedicated to supporting their community and the proceeds from this annual event support their efforts.

Ferndale is a city with a little town feel.  Main street is filled with tiny shops and fantastic restaurants.  If you are taking a leisurely stroll through downtown Ferndale and cannot find anything to satisfy your taste buds then you weren’t paying attention.  The streets of Ferndale are lined with a variety of restaurants, you can have your choice of delicious Italian or the best bar burgers around and if it’s sweets your after satisfy your sweet tooth with a yummy cupcake or decadent cheesecakes and pie.  To top it all off you can stop at one of the coffee houses or espresso bars.

Many of these great establishments participated in this event and the food was FANTASTIC!  Every year I say this, and every year it continues to hold true.  If you leave this event hungry then you didn’t make the most of your experience.  There is something for everyone and plenty of it.

My brother Greg is on the Board of the Ferndale Community Foundation and was also Chairperson of this event.

Greg thanking everyone who worked so hard on this event (Photo taken by Adam Sparkes)

The food outstanding:

Pizza from MiChigo - Delicious (Photo taken by Adam Sparkes)

Mac and Cheese with Chicken - Great smokey flavor - Dino's Lounge (Photo taken by Adam Sparkes)

Delicious Crab Cakes from Howie's Bayou (Photo taken by Adam Sparkes)

My number one favorite is a toss-up between the Crab cakes and the Mac n Cheese with Chicken.  Both were delicious and I just can’t decide which one I would take over the other, they were both that good!!

My favorite sweet thing………hands down the best (and not just because he has been like family forever either) was by far….the Bread Pudding from Pete’s Place.  Pete had a little surprise ingredient in there and it was, by far my favorite sweet thing of the night.

There were a lot of Silent Auction gifts from jewelry, to wine tasting parties, to massages.  It was a strange feeling walking in and seeing my gift basket package on the display table.  I was so worried that my little basket would get lost amongst all the great gifts that are donated but I was pleasantly surprised that my little package held its own on that great big table with all the other items, and it looked great!! (oh yea, and these photo’s are mine)

Mardi Gras Gift Basket

Candy Bouquets

The winner of my package received the Mardi Gras Basket plus three gift certificates for the Candy Bouquets.  I was excited that I had the opportunity to meet the gentleman who won my gift package!!

It was a great night, spent with a fantastic group of people, live music and wonderful food.  Can’t wait for next year!!

If you want to read a little more plus see more of Adam Sparkes s photo’s of this great event, follow this link!!

One of my favorite photo’s…..Ann Heller, President of FernCare Free Health Clinic, the photo captures Ann’s infectious enthusiasm and personality.


3 thoughts on “Magnificent Mardi Gras Gathering In Ferndale

  1. It was another fun evening. I am always so thrilled that you, Mom and Dad are able come. It means so much to me for you to be there.

    I have know Dennis (the gentleman that won your basket and gift cards) for years through the Ferndale Seniors. When I ran for City Council, Dennis was one of my loyal and dedicated volunteers who walked door-to-door handing out literature and encouraging people to vote for me.

    It was quite sweet…I had walked up to Dennis just after the auction closed, to see how he was doing, and he was so excited. He pulled me over to the auction table and said “look what I won” and pointed to you basket. I said “you bid on that?” he said “yes, I won it” I said “Awesome! My sister donated that” I couldn’t think that he could have been more excited about winning that basket until that very moment when his smile got even bigger. He said “Your sister made that? That’s your sister’s business?” I said “Yep! I am so glad that you won that Dennis, and I am sure my sister will be too!.”

    At that point, you, Mom and Dad were walking toward us on your way out and I knew you two needed to meet.

    I love my Ferndale…it feels like an extention of my family.

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