Melo Monday

Hello family, friends and fellow bloggers, hope you’re having a great monday.  Mine has been pretty melo, catching up on some paperwork for the items I donated to the Taste of Ferndale – Silent Auction, running a few errands.  Pretty easy Monday.
As always our weekends with the babies are interesting.  Our poor little Kaylee bug was running a fever all weekend, ears hurting and headaches put her out of commission so she didn’t come over to visit with us, she stayed home and snuggled with her momma and her Mio.  Mio is Josh and Kaylee’s other grandma.  By last night our little Kaylee bug was almost back to her mischievous little self.

Our Kaylee, aka; Princess Kaylee, Kaylee Bug, Kay


As always, when the boys are here, things can get topsy turvey!!

Topsy Turvey At Grandma's House


Boys will be boys…..notice the blue blanket on the couch?  It goes on the couch every Friday night and comes of every Sunday night (anytime grandbabies are here the blanket comes out).  You will notice it in almost every photo of the grandbabies, there is a connection…….blue juice (Hawaiian Punch Berry), Cheetos, chocolate milk, etc.  The blanket stays until they are 30………just kidding, I’ll start thinking about it when they are 18.

I know what Nikki and John will think when they see this photo……”Mom would have busted our butts for doing that on the furniture, let alone feet on the wall.”  Sorry kids, your turn to be the parent, so long as they aren’t breaking anything on themselves or in the house, I’m pretty much good with a lot of things.  Don’t worry, in about …..oh let’s say…..20 years or so it’ll be your turn to sit back and relax.  But I will say this to you, one tiny bit of advice, try to enjoy this incredible parent ride you’re on because if you blink you miss out on a lot of really great stuff, all three of them are growing up so fast!

The boys had fun, hanging out with papa Walt downstairs playing video games, hot wheels and Lego’s. Lil E discovered a rocking horse that I used to have upstairs as a decoration, it’s a real rocking horse but it was part of my whole decorating scheme at the time.  I love the quizzical look Lil E gives when he will ask if he can ride grandma’s rocking horse.  He is completely confused as to how that horse and I are connected.

Pizza on the grill for dinner, always their favorite (more the boys than Kay) and one of the things I know they will eat without any problem.  Papa Walt and I had burgers, grandma was not in a pizza mood so we threw burgers on the grill instead.  When Lil E saw me getting ready to make the burgers he asked if he could help.  Can you tell he thought little the burger press was great? I love that all my grandchildren love being in the kitchen.


Lil E making hamburger patties with grandma


It was a great Saturday, never a slow moment, always something happening.   Hope you’re weekend was just as fun for you!

Today I have a great recipe for you, Chicken Swiss, I’ve thought about this recipe often but it hasn’t been in the rotation for many years.  This recipe is actually one that I got from my mom although when she and I talked about it the other day she could not remember it, nor could my brother Greg which means that it’s been a long time since my mom made it as well.

But I know that I copied it from my mom, I remember it was way back in the late 70’s or early 80’s that she found this and passed it on.  I was going to take a picture and post the recipe as written, the plain paper yellowed with age, a few grease stains here and there and the writing is mine with abbreviations that I had a hard time figuring out.  I think once Mom reads the recipe she will remember.

Just as a FYI, one thing that I do to make clean up easier, is use a disposable aluminium baking pan from the dollar store.  I line the pan with aluminum foil before I put the chicken in it and pour the cheese sauce over the chicken.  Makes clean up quick and easy.

I use 4 pieces of chicken, this sauce will easily cover 6-8 pieces with no problem if you want to make more chicken.



4                 Boneless chicken breast halves

1                  Egg

4 Tbsp        Butter (divided in half)

1 Tbsp        Water

2 Tbsp        Dijon Mustard (divided)

1/2 Cup       Italian Seasoned Breadcrumbs

1 Cup           Flour (more or less as needed for dredging chicken pieces)

1/2 tsp.        Thyme

1/4 tsp.        Salt

                      Dash of pepper

1- 1/4 Cup   Milk

1 Cup            Shredded Swiss Cheese


With a mallet, flatten chicken breasts

Flatten Chicken with mallet

Mix egg, water and 1 tbsp. Dijon mustard

Flour - Egg mixture w/Dijon Mustard - Breadcrumbs

Combine breadcrumbs, Thyme, salt and pepper

Coat each piece of chicken with flour

Dip each piece in egg mixture

Roll each piece in breadcrumbs

Coat each piece with flour/egg mixture/breadcrumbs


Melt 2 tbsp. of better and saute chicken pieces, about 10 minutes on each side or until juices run clear

Saute chicken in butter until juices run clear - about 10-15 minutes each side

In another pan melt 2 tbsp. butter

Add 2 tbsp. flour, milk to melted butter, stir until thick and bubbly

Heat butter/Dijon Mustard/flour/milk to boil, stir constantly until thickened

Stir in cheese and the remaining Dijon mustard

Stir in Swiss Cheese until melted

Pour cheese mixture over the chicken in the broiler proof dish

Broil for about 3 minutes until cheese is slightly brown and bubbly.

Chicken Swiss




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