Joshua’s Oreo Cream Pie

Hi Everyone, this blog was really supposed to be published yesterday but because I was just a little bit busy, I didn’t get a chance to post it.  This posting is authored by Joshua and me…….by now you probably all know my grandson Joshua.

Josh was our first grandchild and I think he has taught me how to be a pretty good grandma.  Because of Joshua, the “road to getting one over on grandma” has been paved for Kaylee and Lil E.  Although they don’t get away with everything, I have some how acquired a resistance to say “No” or “hey don’t do that” like I did when his daddy and his Auntie Nikki were his age.  This has been pointed out by both of my children both verbally and with the occasional lifted eyebrow.  Why is it so much easier to be the grandma when the momma’s and daddies are gone?  They are stunting my grandma growth!!

To be fair, my parents were not the same ones that raised me when they became grandparents either.  At one point I can recall being told I was stiffling one of the kids growth by not letting them explore the visiting room of the hospital.  Ahhummm……guess this apple didn’t fall far from that tree.  And I know that my grandparents were not as strict with us as they were with my parents when they were kids.  Hmmm, maybe it’s in the genes.

Anyway…..I had the pleasure of spending some unexpected one on one time with Joshua on Monday.  We were both happy to discover that I had all the makings to put together one of his famoous Oreo Cream Pies so we decided it should be our next food blog.  We had fun putting this together to share with all of you.

Joshua’s Oreo Cream Pie


1     Ready Made Oreo Pie Crust

12  Oreo Cookes

2  3/4 oz pkgs White Chocolate Jello Pudding Instant

1 1/2 cups Cold Milk

2 tubs (8 0z each)  Cool Whip  Whipped Topping – thawed




Gather all your ingredients

Crush Oreos - I put the Oreos in a plastic baggie and use a mallet to crush them

Empty both pudding packets into "The Bowl"

Add 1 1/2 Cups Cold Milk

Whisk for 2 minutes

Add 1 of the 8 oz Cool Whip tubs - mix gently

Add crushed oreos and mix with cool whip/pudding mixture

Add filling to pie crust

Spread evenly in crust - Refrigerate at least 4 hours

Top with extra Cool Whip and some extra cookies.....YUMMMMMM!


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