Today I Witnessed An Act of Kindness………..

Today is really going by fast.  After waking up at 4:30 a.m. tossing and turning and noticing that I was still awake at 5:00 a.m., I had made a deal with myself that if I wasn’t asleep by 5:30 a.m. I was just going to climb out of bed and start the day.  Well, somewhere between 5:00 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. I dozed back to sleep and woke up around 7:00 a.m.  Walt was already awake reading his newspaper(s) on line while I made my now required, doctors orders, morning cocktail (let’s not get into ok?).  I figure the sooner I get it out of the way the quicker I can have my morning coffee.

I had a few errands to run today one of them was to return a movie I bought while at Meijer yesterday.  I should have known when the cashier didn’t put it in a seperate bag that there could be issues.  Sure enough, when I got home and took it out of the bag I could hear rattling inside so, better safe than sorry, I didn’t even open it up, I just took it back and exchanged it.

Then it was off to the Dollar Store.  I love the Dollar Store, if you are a creative person, you could get lost in there for hours just thinking of ways to make use of all that stuff.  Is it sad that I know that they get deliveries on Tuesday and Thursday making Wednesday and Friday’s the best days to go shop because all the new stuff is on the shelf?  I will agree that some of that stuff is “junk,” however, for someone like me who loves to make baskets, it’s a gold mine!!  Remember, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

After the Dollar Store it was time for the market.  Randazzo Market that is….it’s a fresh fruit/vegitable/deli/bakery/butcher shop market and it is the only Market that I don’t mind going into, even when it’s packed to the brim.  The area I live in is predominately Polish/Italian (ok so if your Italian, I live in a predominately Italian/Polish area), when you’re standing at the deli you hear people ordering a lot of deli meats like Polish Ham, Kielbasa Loaf, Provolone, Salami, Proscuitto, Pancetta, Krawkoska, Kielbasa.   I love listening to what people order and how they order it.

Today while in Randazzo I was moved by the kind heart of the young man working behind the deli, he couldn’t have been more than 25.  A gentleman came up to the counter, the young man asked if he could help him.  The gentleman, who apparently had some speech issue, asked for what sounded like “thin-thin.”  The young man, thinking the gentleman said thin, asked the gentleman what he wanted sliced thin.  The gentleman repeated “thin-thin” again and the young man once again tried to guess what he was saying.

The gentleman, very visibly furstrated with himself, just sort of slumpt his shoulders and shook his head, upon seeing this gentleman’s frustration, the young man came around from the back of the counter, stood by the man, put his hand gentle on his back and walked with him to the display window where the man pointed out “chicken.”  The young man then asked him how much he wanted, and instead of waiting for the man to try and tell him, he started to ask, “do you need a quarter pound?”  the man shook his head no.  The young man did this until he reached a pound at which time the gentleman shook his head yes.

The young man asked if the gentleman needed anything else and the gentleman indicated that he did so the young man once again came around the deli counter and proceded the same way he had before and then went back to slice the ham.

Standing next to me, waiting for his ham, the gentleman heard me ask the girl who was helping me for Provolone.  The gentleman touched my shoulder and asked, what I took to be “what is that.”  I pointed to the Lipari, the one I ordered and he pointed to the samples of Grande Provolone on the counter.  I suggested he try one just as the young man was bringing the gentleman’s ham to him.  I told him that the gentleman was asking about Provolone, the young man indicated that one set out for tasting was actually in the display case and before I could respond, the young man came out from behind the counter and walked the gentleman over to where it was.

I was so touched by this young man’s action I really thought I was going to cry.  Sounds silly, but you would have had to be there to witness it and appreciate just how it all played out.  People have very little patience these days, everyone is in a hurry to go no where.  Some people who were waiting for their turn were obiviously put off by the fact that this man had difficulty speaking, and at the rate the gentleman was going, it could be a few extra minutes for their turn.  A few of the girls behind the counter were no better, the looks they gave, the snickers, the whispers were totally unacceptable.  Had I not been speaking to the girl helping me when the gentleman first approached, I was going to try and help him, but the young man came around the counter before I finished telling the girl what I wanted.

For the people who stood around in frustration and bounced from one foot to the other……..SHAME ON YOU!  We are all only one step away from being that gentleman… stroke, one car accident, one illness……..your life, your errands, your needs are not any more important than any other person next to you.  And if you are lucky enough to live life without a disability, good for you, just respect the people who aren’t so lucky.  It only takes a second to hold a door, step out of the way, or even let someone go in front of you.

To the young man behind the deli, you are my hero today.  There are no rewards, no fanfare, no ticker tape parade.  Just know that someone noticed that you broke the stereo type mold of how people sometimes view young people.  You touched two hearts and two lives today, the gentleman you helped and me, the person who witnessed it.

Yesterday was grocery shopping day, so of course dinner was quick and easy.  We love these tasty quesadillas, preparation made easy with a Soft Taco kit, a pound of hamburger, a cup of Taco Cheese Blend, and some chopped green onions.


Shortcut Taco Quesadillas



1                       Soft Taco Kit (10 soft tortillas, taco seasoning, taco sauce)

1 lb.                 Ground beef

1 Cup               Taco Cheese Blend (More if necessary)

3-4                   Green onions, sliced


  • Brown ground beef – drain fat
  • Make taco meat according to package directions
  • Heat tortillas in microwave (I do two tortillas at a time about 15 seconds until they are soft)


Spoon taco mixture onto one side of tortilla

Spoon Taco meat onto one side of tortilla


Cover with taco sauce

Add taco sauce


Sprinkle cheese over meat/taco sauce

Sprinkle cheese


Sprinkle green onions on top of cheese

Add green onion


Fold tortilla in half

Fold tortilla in half


Place on baking sheet lined with foil and sprayed with cooking spray

Place on prepared baking sheet

  • Bake for 8-10 minutes until tortilla is lightly brown
  • Serve with sour cream
  • Spanish rice makes a great side dish

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