Thesaurus Tuesday………….Extra Lasagna Night

Have you ever wondered how and why things have the names that they do?  For example why is pudding called “pudding?”  It’s not the letters of the ingredients, it’s not one of the ingredients, so why was pudding named pudding?

Here is another….ketchup, catsup, however you spell it, what does it have to do with the tomato saucy stuff we use on and in a lot of different things??  Let me tell you, I looked it up and it has nothing in common with the ingredients as we know it today.  It’s name comes from a sauce traced back to Malaysia and China which contained fish brine and other fishy stuff and had no tomato in it all.  It was known by the names “kichap” or “ke-tsiap” or “ketjap.”   Eventually tomatoes were added and the name ketchup (catsup) evolved.

Which brings me to now and to the  acquired fascination I have for the word “LEFTOVERS.”   It started the day I took the white chicken lasagna “leftovers” to my mom and dad who jokingly said “Oh you don’t like so you’re bringing it to us.”  When I protested that it was not true, that I needed their opinion on the recipe so I could gather additional feedback, my mom laughed and said that it was OK because my brother John thinks my parents do it to him all the time.  John will tell you that if mom tries something new and she and my dad don’t like, they take it to him to finish it off…..that part probably is true.  I don’t know, I’m just saying…………………it could be true.


My brother John, his wife Monica and son Brandon


My brother John is not a fussy eater, he is open to trying new things and will give you an honest opinion of what he does or doesn’t like and he’s a pretty good cook himself.  Having been a truck driver for over 20 years until the economy left him without work  and then a stroke left unable to work, John’s stomach had gotten accustomed to all sorts of greasy spoons and fast food joints.  So John truly does appreciate a home cooked meal and is open to trying new things.  I love when he comes to our house for parties and dinners, he will try everything and always has a compliment.  I love you little brother!

I have been watching the use of the word “leftovers.”  While cleaning up after dinner, Walt will never say “I am packing my leftovers”  He says, “I’m packing my lunch,” “time to put this stuff away,” “we’ve gotta clean up the kitchen.”   If he is looking for a midnight snack he doesn’t say “I’m going to heat up leftovers,”  he says “I’m going to heat up a little snack.”  And during a meal when we go back for more we say we are going back for “seconds” or a “second helping?”  Isn’t that technically leftovers too at that point??

I am confused why no one thinks of the goodies I bake as “leftovers”.  We ate the “leftover” Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Cookies until yesterday when I had the last two with my morning coffee while catching up on my favorite blogs.  “We won’t eat all of those muffins, I’ll freeze the extra’s.”

I looked up “leftover” in the thesaurus and have decided that our new word is going to be “EXTRA.”  Technically that’s what it is, it’s food that I made, we didn’t need or eat it all so it was “EXTRA.”  Residual, uneaten, surplus, untouched, unused, unconsumed lasagna.

I am excited, Nikki is making lasagna for her family tonight and since it is only the three of them, they too will have extra, uneaten, surplus, unconsumed lasagna.  I think it’s sweet, lasagna is her husband Eric’s favorite dish, since Nikki is not working today she decided to make a pan and surprise him when he gets home.

Tonight at our house it is……….EXTRA LASAGNA NIGHT!!

Since I didn’t have to cook today I worked on the gift basket I am donating to the “Taste of Ferndale” silent auction.  The event this year is scheduled for February 21.  I love  “Taste of Ferndale” it’s always a Mardi Gras theme and the food is all local venues, there is always a variety and it is always delicious.  If you walk out of there and feel the need to eat dinner then you have not made the most of your experience.  My brother Greg is always involved one way or another in organizing the event and we look forward to attending it every year!!

Here is the basket that will be on display………’s filled with all sorts of chocolate candy bars, chocolate covered peanuts and raisins, M&M’s.  Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth!!


Taste of Ferndale - Silent Auction








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