HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIKKI AND JOHN!!!  My babies turn 31 today!! (Ooppss…..hope it was OK to say how old)

I still remember the day (after 2.5 years of trying) that I finally received a phone call from the Doctor’s office telling me that the pregnancy test was positive – FINALLY!!  The nurse actually asked me if I was sitting down before she gave me the good news.  I started crying and she had to tell me to call her back so that we could set up the appointments for the beginning of my prenatal care.

I had the best OB-GYN, he took excellent care of the three of us.  Watching things closely, taking me off my feet at 5 months, it was strange not being allowed to do anything, no stairs, no lifting, no dishes, I couldn’t even dust.  Ahhh….but all for a good cause, my babies were born only one week early and healthy, John weighing in at 6.5 lbs and Nikki at 5.9 lbs.

The only problem we uncounterd (after 25 hours of labor and a cesarean later) was that Nikki was under body temperature and had to be put in a heated incubator to bring up her body heat.  At that time babies were not allowed to stay in the room with you, they wouldn’t let her come to me so the next morning I got out of bed and walked down the hall looking for her………they weren’t happy for several reasons, that I got out of bed not to mention without help and that I walked down the hall without the pillow on my abdomen.  Really?  I was on a mission, there was no way I was laying in that bed without seeing what was going on in the Nursery with Nikki.  But I saw her, she was fine and by later that evening they brought her to me.

I know that I drive both John and Nikki crazy because I start celebrating their birthday at exactly 1:30 p.m. on February 3…..the exact time my water broke!!!  People can think I’m crazy, I don’t care, for me it’s a special day, I waited a long time for them, I’m allowed some celebration time!  It’s just funny though because they have both heard the story ATLEAST 31 times.

There are so many funny stories I could tell you about the last 31 years, but I am sure that at some point I will have the opportunity to use it as a storyline for a future blog. There are some really good ones, funny ones…….before and after they were born.  I remember them all like it was just yesterday, they are all so clear, I can’t believe that this time has flown and Nikki and John are both parents.  When did that happen?   I blinked and they were adults….it goes by too quickly.

Today we were able to celebrate with Nikki and Lil E, Eric was working so he couldn’t join us.  John was unable to drive down this weekend due to work, which actually worked out for him because Kaylee has the flu and Josh is at Boy Scout Winter Camp.  We’ll be celebrating with John, Kaylee and Joshua hopefully next Sunday.

Papa Walt decided to take everyone to dinner to our favorite Italian Restaurant, Pia’s.  When we arrived at Nikki’s Lil E came running out to say hello and to make sure that I had his gift for his momma.  We had talked about it, I wasn’t sure he was going to remember it, he is only 3 after all, but he did.  He also made sure to ask if I had a present for him, which of course I did, grandma made him his own little birthday gift bag.

Lil E helping Momma open her gift from him.

"See Grandma, I told you Momma would love it cause it's pictures of ME!!!!

And......she liked our gift too!!

After gifts it was time to head over to Pia’s, unfortunately like any restaurant with great Italian food there is going to be a long wait.  Our wait was almost 30 minutes, but I have to say Lil E did very, very well for someone who is only three.  He even asked me to take him to the hostess to see if our table was ready.  When I approached her and before I could even say anything  Lil E looked up and her and said “Excuse me lady, you have our table ready, I’m hungry.”  She was really sweet, told him that it would be soon and there was only one person ahead of us.  About 5 minutes later we were seated.

"Finally a table, where is my chicken and noodles?" (fettucine Alfredo w/chicken)

After a few bites of soup, and one of Pia’s “to die for” garlic rolls………………….

"I'm just gonna take a quick nap momma......"

Out like a light…………Lil woke up only when Nikki started to put his coat on and he was ready to go home, we left with his “Chicken n Noodles” to go.  Next time we go to Pia’s we won’t plan it on a Saturday night…………..

So my babies, (yes Nikki and John, you know I’m talking to you)……………..I hope you had a great day today and an amazing year!!  I LOVE YOU BOTH!!


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