Frenzied Friday’s Frozen Fish

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Well ladies and gents we are having frozen fish today for dinner, Gorton’s Pototo Crunch Fish Filets to be exact.  Yes, yes I am….I am going to feed my sweet husband minced fish instead of Mrs. Paul’s whole filets.  You can’t fool me, even though the box the little girl has in her hands 0n the TV commericial doesn’t bear the name of the competitor you can’t deny the yellow and blue box closely resembles Gorton’s.

I have been running since 6:00 a.m. today, and now, that things have finally quieted down, I have found myself with a little bit of time on my hands to ponder these very important questions about minced fish, Mrs. Paul and Mr. Gorton.

  • Were Mrs. Paul and Mr. Gorton high school sweethearts until Mr. Gorton ran off and married Sarah Lee?
  • Is that why Mrs. Paul is bashing his product?
  • All I have to do is look on the box to know that Mr. Gorton is a fisherman, who is Mrs. Paul?  Where is she getting her fish?
  •  Do I really need to worry if my fish is minced?  Did I miss something?
  • How is minced fish different than ground beef?
  • At one point the cow was whole just like the fish, what am I not understanding?

Ok, I’m just joking around, we are having fish, it is Mr. Gorton’s and I really don’t care if it’s minced.  Since I had to switch my grocery shopping to today, as well as run a ton of errands, frozen fish fillets are a quick and easy fix for a tight schedule.  I’m going to bake it, put some cheese on it and eat it on a bun….the one thing I know for sure is that it is going to be pipping hot when I pull it out of the oven and take the first bite unlike going to Burger King or McDonald’s for take out that would be cold before I hit the door.

My first stop, before going to the grocery store, was my mom and dad’s house.  I took them some of the Chocolate Chip Cheesecake cookies and of course they both loved them.  My mom, after making sure she told me she loved mine, did say that she like these better and my dad said he should have eaten lunch first because eating one truly was like eating dessert.

Another one of my stops was to Joshua’s house to say goodbye, Josh is going on a weekend boy scout campout with his soon to be step dad.  The funny part about the whole thing is that Joshie’s momma is handling this whole weekend long, being away from us, so much better than grandma is!  It’s Joshua’s first time away from all of us for more than a sleep over night at one of his friends.  Just about 40 hours…….in the woods, in cabins, without grandma’s weekend sausage and bacon!  I laughed when he told me I really should just go with them so that I could cook for everyone because he was really concerned about what they were going to make for breakfast.  He is a little sweetie.

After a few more errands I finally made it home and put the finishing touches on Nikki’s birthday gift.  John has a gift too, but Nikki’s needed a little more attention.  Plans for tomorrow night are to have dinner with Nikki and lil E, Eric has to work so he won’t be able to join us and John can’t make it down this weekend so we’ll be celebrating with him next Sunday.  It actually works out since Josh is gone for the weekend with the Scouts and I just recently found out that Kaylee came down with the flu early this evening.

So I will leave you now with tonights recipe………


Oh, and on both of these………..I don’t change a thing, I follow the directions for both exactly as written.  I know, I know…….so hard to believe that about me.



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