A Month Of Idle Chatter With A Side Of 25 Delicious Recipes

First I want to thank everyone who has been following my blog this past month.  Normally a very private person, it was a big step for me to create a blog and share stories on a site that is open to people around the globe.  I am so private I only have 31 friends on Facebook, allowing only family and close friends in.  So, to my family and friends, Thank You, as always you’re in my corner and you give me great material to work with.

Never in a million years would I have thought anyone, other than family and close friends, would follow the ramblings of this grandma who loves to chat about her family, especially the grandchildren, who loves to cook, bake or grill and is always open to trying and sharing new recipes.  Thank you to those who have found my little blog interesting enough to hit the “Follow” icon.  I appreciate the support and your kind comments.

In addition to being an outlet for me, blogging has also opened the door to reading other amazing blogs that I love following.  With a cup of coffee by my side I am going on a great adventure with “Indulge,Travel, Adventure, & New Experiences.”  Her Top 10 Series is amazing, so amazing that I forwarded her blog information to my best friend Tina.  Tina and her husband love to travel and because Ken works for one of the major airlines, it is possible for them to hop on a plane, land in some warm or exotic place just to have dinner or spend a day.

My good friend Teresa recently moved to France and I miss her a lot, so when I found “Becoming a Madame” reading about this author’s transition to life in France as well as her adventures, is helping me understand Teresa’s transition to a new life, a new home, a new adventure.  For all of us back here in the States, we think of Teresa’s move as a great adventure, really not thinking about the separation from family and friends, the differences in language, culture, or food.  “Becoming a Madame”  site is one of the blogs I will be sharing with Teresa soon.

What can I say about “Going Dutch.”  Recently she has posted some of the most amazing photo’s, big, bright, beautiful flowers and sunshine.  When I open her blog on our cold, gloomy, winter mornings, her photo’s transport me to a gallery of beautiful flowers and sunshine reminding me that spring is just around the corner.

“The Cheese & Mouse,” “Chattavore,” “Happiness Stan,” “Kvetch Mom,” “Twitterfish,” and all of the other blogs I am following, share incredible recipes and stories.  Some of these authors have the most amazing writing style, I laugh out loud at some of their humor and appreciate their honesty about family and cooking experiments that don’t go well.  Plus they all have mastered the art of inserting multiple pictures into their blog (I am so jealous), I am desperately trying to figure that out.  Any more than two photo’s and my blog is all askew!!

I also follow a few blogs that are more thought-provoking, some taking a look at the funny side of life, others more serious.  A few of them are about young people, I love young people, their antics can make you laugh just seeing life through their eyes is an adventure in its self.

Recently I was brought to tears by a teenager who is battling anorexia, moved by her courage to tell her story so open and honestly, awed by her strength and commitment to face her demons.  I cried for her, I am praying for her and am rooting for this child that I do not even know.  She has a lot to offer this world, has touched lives with her story.  If just one struggling teenager is helped by story…..she will have made a huge impact on the world.  I hope she continue to fight, to heal and to write.

So thank you family, friends and fellow bloggers who have stopped by for a peak or two.  I am having fun, learning a lot and looking forward to many more months of sharing recipes and stories.

Before I post last night’s recipe for Taco Pizza, I just want to give everyone an update on Sunday’s Chicken Pot Pie.  Yesterday morning there were four pieces left.  Walt took two to lunch with a salad (yes, he took two) and I had one slice for lunch.  When he came home from work last night and opened the refrigerator he noticed that there was one piece left automatically assuming and making claim to the last piece for today’s lunch.  Technically the last piece was mine, the rest of the evening was spent with sporadic conversations about who was going to get the last piece, he just couldn’t let it go (it’s that good!!).  Finally before we went to sleep, I assured him he could have “MY” last piece of chicken pot pie.  Walt went to work today a happy man, chicken pot pie in hand.  It’s a nice feeling to let him think he won………

Monday’s are supposed to be “Movie Night.”  We receive movies via the mail route so we decided to dedicate Monday night to movies.  This week the movie is “Insidious” which, I am sad to say, we did not watch.  I have been waiting a long time for this movie, scared out of my witts my commercials and inspired by the great reviews of our friends and family who actually went to the theater to see it.  When I asked why he wanted to switch, Walt said it’s because he saw previews and he doesn’t want me to keep him up all night jumping every time the furnace comes on or a squirrel runs across the roof.  REALLY? ……I think papa needed a better excuse (lol)….we watched a DVR “Fringe” episode instead.  “Invidious” will now be a Saturday or Sunday matinée, not sure how watching it during the day will be any different if indeed my fear factor is the real issue.


Taco Pizza

1 Roll                      Refrigerated Pizza Crust

1 Can                      Refried Beans

1 Can                      Chopped Green Chili’s

1 lbs.                       Ground Round

1 Pkt.                      Taco Seasoning

8 oz.                        Cheese – Kraft Mexican Pizza Blend w/Cream Cheese

                                 Shredded lettuce

                                 Chopped tomatoes

                                 Chopped green onions

                                 Sour Cream


  • Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees F
  • Brown ground beef, drain off fat
  • Mix ground beef with taco seasoning following directions on packet to make tacos
  • Spray 15×9″ rectangle pan with cooking spray
  • Roll out pizza crust
  • Bake pizza crust for 5 minutes
  • Remove from oven, spread refried beans on crust followed by:
  •      Taco meat mixture
  •      Chili’s
  •      Cheese
  • Return to oven for 11-15 additional minutes
  • Remove from oven top with lettuce, tomatoes and green onions OR
  • You can serve the lettuce, tomato and green onions on the side so everyone can build their own pizza toppings 
  • Serve sour cream on top  or on the side

Out Of The Oven



2 thoughts on “A Month Of Idle Chatter With A Side Of 25 Delicious Recipes

  1. Thank YOU for your blog Nancy!! I love to look at all your recipes and love to hear the stories!! Reading these have made me feel closer to you and although we have yet to meet, you are family and feel we already know each other! The positive side to the crazy world of Internet!! This pizza looks amazing and it’s combining two of my favorite things! Can’t wait to show the girls and try it ourselves! Keep up the wonderful blogs! God bless you Aunt Nancy! xoxo

    • Awe thanks Tiff, you are so sweet, my love back to you, Rob and the girls! Until I started this blog, it never occurred to me that behind every recipe there is a story whether it’s what made you try it, why it’s a family favorite, or how terribly wrong the outcome might have been when I tried it. Of course the grandbabies give me great material to work with, they are amazing. When you make one of the recipes, let me know how it turns out!!

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