Art……In The Eye Of The Beholder

Sunday mornings in our kitchen are almost always filled with grandbabies, bacon and sauasage along with either eggs, french toast or waffles.  Today only Joshua is here and since Josh only eats the bacon and sausage with a side of Mrs. Buttersworth syrup (it’s his bacon/sausage dunking sauce), Lil E, Kay, Walt and I are generally the ones who go with eggs, french toast or waffles.

Today though, since Lil E and Kaylee aren’t here, neither Walt or I wanted any of those.  Walt chose to have bacon with just a blueberry muffin and I really wasn’t hungry at all until Joshua said “Grandma, aren’t you eating today?”  When I told him that I wasn’t really hungry today he said “Grandma, you have to eat something, you cooked all this, you have to enjoy your art!”   My “Art,” Joshua thinks that my cooking is an art.  No one will ever give me a higher compliment.

So here I sit with a cup of coffee in my little kitchen watching it snow outside (real snow today, it’s actually sticking to the ground) I am wondering why Josh thinks of my cooking as “Art”.  Maybe it’s because when the grandbabies, or anyone else for that matter is here, I always make sure that I prepare foods that they will like.  When we entertain, I will always make sure the menu consists of something for everyone.  Maybe it’s because I stock the kitchen cabinet and refrigerator with the foods the grandbabies love, and maybe it’s because I will make them something they like if I have something planned for us that they don’t like.

Maybe it’s just because I carefully watch over his sausage and bacon so they are cooked just right, not too crispy or not too chewy, not to browned or burnt.   Maybe it’s because I have discovered that leftover grilled pizza tastes better reheated in the oven for ten minutes rather than nuked in the microwave for two.

“Art is in the eye of  the beholder.”  And for whatever reason, even if it’s just because I always use the red dishes he likes, to Joshua my cooking is art, and that’s all that matters to me.  What matters is that my family loves what I make for them and they appreciate my efforts no matter how good or bad a recipe might be.  What matters is that Josh, Kaylee and Lil E love being in the kitchen creating this “Art” with me……creating wonderful memories for all of us.  What matters is that a little part of me will always be in a little part of them.

Art is an artists expression, my art is my cooking, it’s an expression of my love for all of them.

So today….no recipes from me to you.  Cook or bake with your little ones today, together create one of your greatest masterpieces even if it’s out of a box in the cupboard or a roll of cookies in the refrigerator.

Art is in the eye of the beholder, no matter how old or how young………….have a great Sunday!!

Lil E Making Mac & Cheese

LiL E Putting On The Finishing Touches!

Joshua and Daddy (John) Making Pizza Joshua, Kaylee and Daddy (John)

Joshua's Oreo Cream Pie


6 thoughts on “Art……In The Eye Of The Beholder

  1. Cute blog. Reminds me of my Grandma. We had “Monogramed Pancakes” or cinimmon toast with slice oranges and everything was served with peppermint tea in a real teacup. He will always remember these times and hopefully it will encourage him to cook when he is grown, unlike his Uncle Greg.

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