If It’s Saturday It’s Kids Day At Grandma’s

Saturday at our house is a special day, it’s Grandbaby day (they have all been told that they will always be my babies even when they are married with children of their own)!  It can be one of them or all three, and it’s always the perfect Saturday.

Since I don’t know most of you personally, I could easily paint you a picture of the perfect day,  Josh (7), Kaylee (4), and Lil E (3) spending the day at grandma and papa’s all getting along, sharing…….the perfect Angels.  I could tell you that we spend the day coloring and painting, we watch Backyardigans, Franklin and Wonder Pets, and play with Playmobil actions sets on the floor. I could paint the perfect picture and everyone would say “WOW!!”

Well, we do paint and color, until everyone wants the same color at the same time, even which table protector  I give them can quickly become a debate.  When they don’t get their way they get loud, sometimes there are tears.  They may even play the  “Call my momma, I want to go home now!” card.

I could paint you a picture of of the the three of them sitting on the floor, playing, laughing and using their imaginations….but in the midst of that faraway land there are toys all over the livingroom floor.  I have stepped on more Playmobil figures in my bare feet than I am years old (I am 55).  I have attached more swords and bows and arrows onto so many plastic “C” shaped hands, I’ve lost count.

We play with Lego’s, it’s so cute; when Little E hands me a book or the Lego tub and asks so sweetly “Grandma, can you make this house for me?”  And of course I say “Sure I can honey!”  It’s even funnier when Lil E looks at what I have built and then points out exactly where the differences are.  I have assembled and reassembled Lego houses until I want to hide them on the top shelf of a closet somewhere and forget where I put them.  Who created those things anyway?  Does anyone have success in keeping them together?  I no sooner put a house together and hand it to one of the grandbabies when it’s back in my hands because it’s fallen apart.

I know every theme song from every show on Nickelodeon.  And, I can tell you that it has not gone unnoticed, by me, that at 5:00 p.m. when Backyardigans is airing yet again today, it’s the exact one that Lil E and I watched at 10:00 a.m. this morning and that we are going to sit through it yet again.

Shall we talk about food?  In addition to blue and red juice, there are Oreo’s and Cheetos’ crushed into the floor.  Thank goodness for hardwood floors!!!

Even with all the craziness that goes on…..I wouldn’t haven’t any other way.  I love our Saturday’s and this is what makes it all worthwhile…….

  • Lil E waking up at 4:00 a.m., tapping my face asking me if it’s time for Kaylee to come to grandma’s house because he can’t wait to see his cousin.
  • Kaylee helping Lil E put a puzzle together when he is having a little trouble.
  • Joshua sharing the leftover pepperoni that didn’t make it on the pizza and when  Josh see’s that it’s gotten a little too spicy for Lil E, Josh gets him a glass of water.
  • Lil E telling me that I make the best scrambled eggs ever.
  • Kaylee thinking that I created a new way to make chocolate milk when all I’ve done is use Hershey syrup and white milk.
  • Joshua telling anyone and everyone who will listen that grandma makes the best Sunday breakfast and it’s his favorite meal of the week.
  • Playing board games, Chutes and Ladders and Candy Land for the little ones, Josh already into Monopoly, Scrabble and Sorry.

I love that………

  • all three of my grandchildren have great imaginations.  All three of them take us on magical journeys to far away places where we all become knights and princesses.  There are sword fights with bad guys, dragons to be slayed and treasurers to be found.  We always play “Once upon a time…..” and everyone has to tell a story, even at three Lil E can tell you a story he has made up, one of our favorites is about rescuing Princess Kaylee, Lil E’s story transforms the floor of our entry way into a lake that he has to cross in order to save the princess.
  •  each of them will curl up in my lap to watch one of their shows
  •  they want me play with them on the floor
  •  when we color they tell me that I am doing a good job!
  • all three of them  love to help me in the kitchen, and if it is something that they can’t help me do, they want to be in there just because that is where I am.
  • they give me a hug and kiss before they go home
  • they tell me “I will be back ok grandma…..”

It may get a little crazy, a little hectic, really loud, really messy.  But we are together, we are happy, and we are having fun.  How could anyone want anything more.  IT’s PERFECT!!!  I am blessed………….

Cooking with the grandbabies is something we love to do.  Josh has been in the kitchen with me since he began sitting in a high chair, I would give Josh his own bowl, spoon and some floor and chocolate chips and he would “help” grandma bake and cook.  Today, Josh can prepare a pizza by himself and can even make his favorite Oreo Cream Pie with little or no help!

The key to making cooking fun for kids while keeping it easy is to start out with things that have a limited amount of ingredients and things that are pre-made or semi pre-made so they don’t have to wait around while you whip up a dough or crust.

Here is Joshua’s favorite pizza rcipe.  Josh has been helping prepare this pizza since he was 3, he has been doing it on his own since he turned 6. As you can see from the photo’s Lil E is now his little apprentice and loving every minute!!…… Of course for safety reasons…….Papa does the grilling.



1                    Boboli Pizza Crust (We have tried store brands – doesn’t taste as good)

1 can            Pizza Sauce (15 oz.)

1 Pkg.           Pepperoni

8 oz.             Mozzarella Cheese (2 cups shredded)

2 Tbsp.         Oil


  • Brush oil on the bottom side of the crust – turn over
  • Spread Pizza Sauce on top of crust (we don’t use the whole can)
  • Spread Cheese over sauce
  • Top with pepperoni
  • Grill on gas grill – indirect heat for 30 minutes (watch bottom of crust to prevent burning)
  • Let sit a few minutes – cut and serve

Serves: 8 slices


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