Thursday’s + Grocery Shopping = Easy Delicious Dinners

Thursday is grocery shopping day for our household.  I hate grocery shopping (if I am going to be honest here, I hate any kind of shopping, ask my best friend Tina) unfortunately grocery shopping is a necessary evil to achieve the rewards of things that are near and dear to my heart – BAKING – COOKING and EATING!!!

Now before anyone suggests that I consider a menu plan and making a grocery list to make it easier and faster, let me assure you I do.    I create a monthly calendar on my computer and each week  (generally starting on Sunday night) I start planning for the following week and once I decide what I am going to make I decide which day I’ll make it and type it in on that date.

I have also created a grocery list on the computer, it is set up to the layout of my store and the route I take, so as I prepare my menu plan for the following week, I type in what things I’ll need for those recipes and meals.  I also keep a magnetic grocery list on the side of the refrigerator that we jot down things that we run low on or out of for regular kitchen and household staples.  On Thursday, before I head out to the store, I jot these items down on my list.

It’s OK, you can think it……a little grocery shopping OCD going on here, my friends say it all the time.  Just to confirm your suspicions about my OCD-ness, when I am shopping, as I put items in the cart, I keep everything organized in the cart, frozen, canned, refrigerated, meats, cheeses, boxed items, cleaning products……when I get to the cash register, YES!, I do put everything on the belt in groups, boxed, canned, refrigerated, baked goods, paper products……I KNOW… can laugh, I am good with it, I know it drives the people behind me crazy, until it’s the cashiers turn, when I make sure that the cashier bags everything  in the right order.

Grocery shopping is probably the one time I am grateful that I don’t live in a small town.  If I did, I am sure everyone would be talking about the “whack job” that comes in every Thursday organizing her groceries!!  Living in a fairly large suburb and shopping in a neighboring town, the chances that I will run in to the same people or cashier each week is pretty slim.  Just thinking about it, I bet the guy behind me today with only 6 items in his cart (he refused my offer to go ahead of me, he said he was retired and had time to wait) as well the cashier in my lane are both pretty happy that the odds they will run into me next week are pretty slim!  But I digress……….my point is, I am organized….I get in, I get out so I am not really sure what it is, but I hate having to go grocery shopping.

As a result of my weekly, traumatic experience (I am joking) dinner on Thursday is always something that is quick and easy to make.  I may buy a rotisserie chicken, de-bone it, shred it and mix it with BBQ Sauce for BBQ chicken sandwiches with a little coleslaw, or it might be Sloppy Joes or even a Caesar Salad with Tortellini added in.  Quick prep, quick clean up, always delicious leftovers!

Today we are having Cheeseburgers on a bun, if it were warm outside Walt would throw them on the grill, but it’s 14 degrees and snowing so we’re going to cook them our second favorite way, pan-fried in butter and Worcester sauce.  Yes, I did say butter and yes, we fry them in the Worcester sauce instead of adding the Wocester sauce to the meat mixture, it’s delicious!

Our Favorite Pan Fried Cheeseburgers


1.25 lbs.                   Ground Chuck (or a mix of chuck and ground round or  chuck and ground  


3 tbsp.                      Butter

3 tbsp.                      Worcester Sauce

4                                 Cheese slices – Your choice

                                   Sea Salt


                                   Garlic Powder

                                   Buns or Sandwich Rolls


At least 2 hours before cooking:

  • Divide beef into 4 patties (I use a burger press)
  • Season with sea salt, pepper, garlic powder (add any additional spices you may like)
  • Cover with Saran Wrap and refrigerate for at least 2 hours

At least 30 minutes before cooking:

  • Remove burgers from refrigerator let sit to reach room temperature
  • Add butter and Worcester Sauce to frying pan – heat
  • Add burgers
  • For well done burgers, fry on each side about 4-5 minutes
  • Turn only once during frying – Do not press down with spatula
  • When cooked, add your choice of cheese, cover and let cheese melt

Serve with condiments and sides of your choice; the possibilities are endless! 



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