How Do You Spend Your Friday Night?

For us there was a time when Friday night meant meeting for drinks at our favorite pub then going out for a late dinner.  Eventually we eliminated the drinks before dinner and chose instead to have dinner in a nice restaurant with a glass of wine and then go to a movie.  Slowly we crept into dinner out and coming home with a movie from Blockbuster.

Overtime we became less willing to wait for a table so we opted for eating at home.  At first it was takeout from Ruby’s Chinese restaurant, grabbing a hot pizza from Pizza Hut, sometimes even a bag of sliders.  Nothing better than coming home with takeout, getting in your sweats and curling up on the couch with takeout, chowing down while watching a good (and sometimes not so good) DVD.

To be honest……Walt and I like to cook and grill and we really do prefer our own cooking to eating out.  So now we prefer to spend our Friday’s at home in our sweats with a home cooked meal, something that is easy to throw together,  sometimes with a bottle of wine.  We get comfy and eat while we watch a movie or one of the programs we’ve DVR’d throughout the week.

For us it’s the perfect Friday night……….no hassles, no traffic, no crowds.

What’s your “Perfect Friday Night?”  Take our poll……let us know.


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