Popularity Rises for “Creamy White Chicken Artichoke Lasagna!”

Beautiful day in Michigan today, more like spring than winter, almost 50 degrees!!  It was one of those days when people were smiling and enjoying the sunshine!!  I was right out there with them, running errands and soaking up the sunshine!

Today I would like add a quick follow-up on the “Creamy White Chicken Artichoke Lasagna” that I made on Sunday.  Although Papa didn’t like it at all, I thought the filling had potential.  Since I always feel bad when a recipe isn’t what I expect it is going to be I take it personally, especially if I follow the recipe to a “T.”

This assumed failure on my part will hang around for a while, so I will usually ask someone else to try it and let me know what they think of it. Generally my “go to critics” are my mom and dad, I know that they will give me their honest opinion about something I’ve made.  We have my parents to dinner a lot, both Walt and I tease them about the fact that we create all of our new recipes and ideas when we’ve invited them to dinner.  It’s great because they are so open and willing to try new things like we are.

I was pleasantly surprised when my parents said they liked the lasagna.  Keep in mind, they basically had “leftovers,”  re-heating what I took over to them in microwave, my mom tried a little bit on Monday for lunch, my dad reheated some today for dinner.  They both said that it was very good, creamy and tasty.  They agree it is not your traditional lasagna, dripping with sauce, but they found it to be delicious.

Think about it, how many meals have you created that really do taste good reheated in a microwave.  Even my grandson Joshie is not a fan of nuking left overs it in the microwave, we reheat his pizza in the oven because it tastes better.

I am glad that I shared this dish with my parents so that I could share a few more opinions on it.  If this recipe looked and sounded yummy to you, I hope you’ll make it and give it a try.  If you do, let me know your thoughts!







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